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Effective February 13, 2017

This Cisco Cloudlock Usage Policy is effective as of the date set forth above and, unless Your applicable purchase agreement or terms of service for Cisco Cloudlock explicitly state otherwise, applies to Cisco Cloudlock cloud services whether ordered under the Cisco Cloudlock name or under the former CloudLock product names, and whether purchased from Cisco Systems, Inc., CloudLock LLC (formerly, CloudLock Inc.), or an authorized reseller of either party.

General Usage Limitations:

Use of Cisco Cloudlock (formerly named “CloudLock”) cloud services are subject to, and You are responsible for complying with, the Cisco Cloud Services Acceptable Use Policy (the “AUP”).

We may investigate complaints or suspected violations of the AUP and, if we reasonably determine there is a violation, we may take action to remedy the violation (e.g restricting, suspending or terminating access to Cisco Cloudlock). In instances where we reasonably believe that such violation would expose us to civil, regulatory or criminal liability, we may take action immediately without prior notice. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless for any claims, liability, damages, and costs (including attorneys’ fees) arising from Your or Your users’ violations of the AUP.

Service Specific Usage Limitations:



The following definitions apply to Your Cisco Cloudlock subscription:

Active Policy” means a predefined policy that comes with Cisco Cloudlock or a policy You create to the extent any such policy is flagged as active within Cisco Cloudlock.

Core Cisco Cloudlock Services” means, as of the publication date of this Usage Policy, the following: Cloudlock for Google, Cloudlock for Salesforce, Cloudlock for Dropbox, Cloudlock for Box, Cloudlock for Microsoft Office365, Cloudlock for ServiceNow, and Cloudlock App Connector for Slack. Additional core services may be made available for Cisco Cloudlock from time to time.

Covered Cloud Services” means the applicable SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS environments for which You will use Cisco Cloudlock (e.g. Your Salesforce, Box or Dropbox environment).

Data Asset” means a single discrete file, record, document or other object within the applicable Covered Cloud Services.

Domain” means a single installation, instance, or domain of the applicable Covered Cloud Service. For example, one Domain is one Google Apps installation or one Salesforce Org or installation.

Retroactive Monitoring” is the ability to assess Your entire data set at-rest for policy violations including all historic available data objects in the applicable cloud application.

Salesforce Communities Log-In User” is a User of Salesforce Communities with a login-based license that consumes a login each time he or she logs in to the community.

Salesforce Communities Named User” is a User of Salesforce Communities with a member-based license allowing such User to log in to communities as often as he or she wants.

Student License for Higher Ed” covers a User that is a student for a higher education institution. Student Licenses for Higher Ed include the Cisco Cloudlock User and Entity Behavior Analytics and Apps Firewall functionality.

Student License for K-12” covers a User that is a student in a K-12 institution. Student Licenses for K-12 include the Cisco Cloudlock Data Loss Prevention and Apps Firewall functionality.

Test/Development Environment” means an environment on Cisco Cloudlock that is authorized for use by You for test and development purposes and is authorized for up to the lesser of 1,000 Users in the aggregate or the number of User licenses purchased for the Core Cisco Cloudlock Services.

Users” means the individual users (active, suspended or otherwise) on the applicable Covered Cloud Service being monitored and scanned by Cisco Cloudlock.

You” or “Your” means the company or other legal entity purchasing and using Cisco Cloudlock, which may include its affiliates, if included in the applicable order.

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