Compliance & Regulations


What it is

PCI compliance regulations require merchants and service providers who store, process, and transmit credit card information to protect cardholder data regardless of its location. The Payment Card Industry controls also require certified auditing procedures.


Why You Care

All IT organizations at entities that handle cardholder data, including retailers, payment processing services, and others are challenged with implementing the appropriate PCI measures and controls on an ongoing basis.

Supporting PCI-DSS controls ensures you can:
  • Reduce the risk of a security breach
  • Increase customer trust and confidence
  • Improve reputation with business partners
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PCI-DSS Compliance for
Cloud Applications

Don’t be another data breach statistic. Read our PCI Compliance Guide to discover how to protect your customer’s data, as well as your data, in cloud applications.

Read our quick guide to learn:
  • Key mapping of 12 core security requirements to a cloud security framework
  • How to validate compliance and assess the scope
  • How the Cisco Cloudlock supports your FISMA compliance in the cloud
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Cisco Cloudlock Can Help

Cisco Cloudlock is the cloud-native security solution that helps customers achieve PCI-DSS compliance in their cloud applications of choice by:

  • Identifying all data objects such as files with credit card information (Requirement #3)
  • Enforcing proper access controls for all relevant data stored in the cloud (Requirement #7)
  • Removing dormant users from the domain while maintaining the documents they own (Requirement #8.5)
  • Providing ongoing verification and control of access rights (Requirement #11.5)
  • Matching security practices to the organizational Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) (Requirement #12)

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