Shadow IT in a Nutshell

Cloud App Security, What CISOs Need to Know


What Is Shadow IT?

The security marketplace is buzzing about shadow IT — a phenomenon in which users enable public cloud applications without the consent or knowledge of the IT department. Many believe that such applications, ones leveraged by an organization’s employees, should be controlled.

Should I Be Worried About Shadow IT?

We hate to say it, but the answer is “it depends”. Are such unsanctioned SaaS applications connected to your corporate environment? Are any connected to your other, sanctioned, cloud platforms like G Suite or Salesforce? When employees use their corporate credentials to enable the apps, you should pay attention. Those that aren’t pose less of a security concern, and we believe, should not keep you up at night.

Shadow IT

It Is Not As Scary As You Think

What makes the most sense? Focusing on the applications that actually touch corporate resources of interest, the connected applications. Start by discovering all shadow applications operating in your environment, focusing on their access scopes - some will be riskier than other. Then make intelligent permission decisions to keep your users efficient, while cutting unnecessary risk.

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