SaaS Security

As users and businesses adopt SaaS applications, corporate information assets move from traditional, on-premises data repositories to the cloud, with security concerns following. From 2014 to 2015, the volume of files stored in public cloud applications has grown 10x.

You can transfer workloads to the cloud, but not liability.

Forrester Research. (2015, March). Market Overview: Cloud Data Protection Solutions

CloudLock’s integration with Dropbox for Business gives customers a seamless ability to further monitor and control highly sensitive data between the two services.

George O’Brien, Product Manager for Dropbox for Business

Close the SaaS Security Gap

  • It costs us about $195 for each social security number that gets exposed. You lose a file with one-hundred thousand Social Security numbers and you're talking some serious money there. CloudLock lets us find those files before the bad guys find them.

    Joel Rosenblatt, Director of Computer and Network Security Columbia University
  • We have to have the same requirements as the medical industry. We have to keep things private. If we don’t have something like CloudLock, our files and our student information could all be available to the public. I would recommend CloudLock for any other K-12 institutions.

    John Krull, Information and Technology Officer Oakland Unified School District

Security Intelligence with CloudLock

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