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The Cloud Security Fabric for the Enterprise

  1. Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud
  2. Mitigate Threats & Risks
  3. Achieve Regulatory Compliance
  4. Align Security with the Business
  5. Cloud-Native
  6. No Impact on End Users
The Cloud Security Fabric for the Enterprise

Discover and Control More than 77,000 Cloud and Third-Party Apps that Matter

CloudLock focuses on the Shadow IT challenge that matters – those cloud and third-party apps that directly connect into your corporate environment. CloudLock gives you control to decide which apps lead to productivity gains and which ones are a security risk to your organizations.

Protect Your Data in the Cloud from Cybersecurity Threats & Inadvertent Misuse

CloudLock gives you the visibility and control you need to protect sensitive data in your public cloud applications, allowing for fast detection and response to risks such as oversharing, inadvertent exposure, malicious data extraction and cyberthreats.

With CloudLock, we are able to identify which types of information are sensitive and mark them as such. This gives us a sense of confidence knowing where our most critical IP assets are, letting us identify inadvertent sharing to prevent data leakage and exposure.

Doug Meier, Director of Security and Compliance, Pandora
Free CloudLock Industry Report

Cloud Cybersecurity Report:
The Extended Perimeter

Key Findings:
  • Nearly one in four users (25%) own data that violates corporate security policy
  • 70% of corporate cloud-based collaboration occurs with non-corporate entities
  • Over half of third-party apps assessed in 2015 are banned due to security-related concerns
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Reduce Risk and Meet Regulatory Compliance

CloudLock ensures compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, CIPA, FISMA, and FERPA, no matter how large or complex your Google Apps environment is.

With CloudLock we ensure that data subject to compliance is not exposed or lost.

Aldridge Fisher, Google Programme Manager, Financial Times
CloudLock Central Auditing

Central Auditing
and Forensics
for Your Cloud Apps

Record an immutable audit trail of all user actions to investigate suspicious behavior and leverage the details as evidence for compliance and forensics.

CloudLock Solutions

CloudLock Security Fabric Services

 Content Analysis
 Context Analysis
 User Behavior Monitoring
 Policy Management & Automation
 Central Auditing
 Incident Management
 Encryption Management
 Security Analytics
 App Discovery
 App Control

Leverage the power and intelligence of the fabric’s core services in one unified Dashboard
and central policy framework.

Content Analysis: Continuously monitor structured and unstructured sensitive data (e.g. credit card information, social security numbers) in real-time.

Context Analysis: Analyze your documents and files for sensitive information based on file ownership, sharing and access patterns with CloudLock’s heuristic algorithms.

User Behavior Monitoring: Setup thresholds in centralized policies and continuously monitor user activity to detect potential anomalies and significant changes that may suggest malicious behavior.

Policy Automation: Leverage rich policy templates (e.g. PCI, PII, regular expressions, intellectual property) to safeguard your most critical assets.

Central Auditing: Track user access of privileged user modifications and change permission history.

Incident Management: Centrally manage and investigate incidents across your entire public cloud portfolio.

Encryption Management: Leverage industry best AES-256 password-based cloud encryption and key management technology.

Security Analytics: View critical security KPIs and exposure trends. Leverage out-of-the box security and compliance reports to meet regulatory requirements with internal and external auditors.

App Discovery: Discover risk in more than 77,000 shadow apps that directly connect into your corporate environment.

App Control: Whitelist or blacklist apps based on crowdsourced risk ratings. Increase employee awareness with email alerts and revoke apps in bulk across the entire user base.

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How it Works

  1. Completely SaaS-based
  2. API-based
  3. No changes to the underlying infrastructure
  4. No impact on end user experience
  5. No network configurations, agents, reverse-proxies or gateways
  6. Deploys in minutes

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How it Works

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