CloudLock for Salesforce

Using an API-based approach, CloudLock for Salesforce delivers high time-to-value while avoiding any negative impact on the user experience or Salesforce performance. CloudLock complements and extends Salesforce Shield functionality, enabling organizations to enforce regulatory and security compliance throughout the platform, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, and, to address three fundamental needs:

  • Surface sensitive information and prevent its leakage from the Salesforce environment
  • Guard against cyberthreats by alerting on anomalous user behavior indicative of potential risk
  • Protect sensitive information within the Salesforce platform by coupling Salesforce’s native encryption with automated, policy-driven quarantine capabilities
Data Breach

Data Breach

  • Discover and protect sensitive information through a highly-tunable, policy-driven cloud DLP engine
  • Identify proprietary sensitive information within all aspects of the Salesforce environment with customizable policies
  • Gain immediate value through out-of-the-box policies to surface instances of sensitive information, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOX data
Compromised Accounts

Compromised Accounts

  • Analyze user behavior across cloud applications, including SaaS, Paas, IaaS, and IDaaS, to detect activity indicative of account compromise
  • Identify anomalous user behavior, such as a sudden uptick in report exports or access to the Salesforce environment outside of configurable business hours or whitelisted geographies
  • Detect suspicious login events, such as two-factor authentication failures, disable account login failure, and impersonation events

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Selective Encryption and Quarantine

Selective Encryption for Salesforce leverages CloudLock’s policy-driven content detection to identify exposed sensitive information and place into a quarantined record housing Salesforce encrypted fields to safely store the data. Selective Encryption works on all editable fields on any object, including chatter feed items, feed comments, and files.

  • Expand on, operationalize, and automate native Salesforce encryption capabilities
  • Automate the detection and quarantining of sensitive information through customizable policies regardless of where information lives within Salesforce
  • Protect sensitive data with encryption without impacting native functionality or workflows, such as search or reporting

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Cloud Malware

With CloudLock for Salesforce, detect, classify, and control third-party applications connected to the Salesforce environment based on potentially risky access scopes and excessive permission sets.

To efficiently assess apps, use the Community Trust Rating, CloudLock’s real-time, crowdsourced cloud application security analysis.

SecOps and Forensics

Audit user activity to monitor which records and objects users are accessing – particularly useful to conduct forensics after an employee leaves.

Sunnova must ensure both customer and partner data is protected at all times; by combining CloudLock’s data governance and selective encryption solution with Salesforce Shield we are able to meet our encryption requirements without impacting our performance or user experience.

Brock Hubbard, CIO from Sunnova

In App Security: Operate CloudLock Within Salesforce

CloudLock Fabric In-App extends CloudLock’s cybersecurity-as-a-service offering to be embedded directly into the platform. Security admins, IT admins, and business owners can now run their cybersecurity operations for SaaS, IaaS or PaaS solutions directly from within the Salesforce application.

Leveraging out-of-the-box and custom workflows as well as custom salesforce objects for key security capabilities, Salesforce administrators can create their own security reports and dashboards directly in Salesforce, eliminating the need to manage multiple solutions.

Event Monitoring Viewer

The CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer is a free visualization tool that provides visibility into Salesforce event log files by converting the raw data Salesforce provides into meaningful business insights organizations can immediately gain value from. CloudLock enables Salesforce administrators to:

  • Monitor logins
  • Geolocate events
  • Detect suspicious user behavior
  • Surface potential data leakage, including atypical downloads and exports
  • Measure adoption and usage metrics

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