CloudLock for OneLogin

CloudLock® is the cloud-native CASB and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform that protects the OneLogin console against account compromises with user and entity behavior analytics. Additionally, the CloudLock Cybersecurity Orchestrator harnesses the insights OneLogin provides to aggregate data feeds across IT infrastructure and gain a comprehensive picture of user activity for enriched security intelligence, superior incident detection, and harmonized data protection across the enterprise.

CloudLock CASB for OneLogin: CloudLock for OneLogin is a cloud-native CASB and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform to protect the OneLogin environment from account compromise and enable organizations to confidently expand the use of OneLogin to the most sensitive applications.

The CloudLock Cybersecurity Orchestrator: For security teams that need to combat complex cyberthreats, the CloudLock Cybersecurity Orchestrator is an API-driven solution that aggregates data feeds across existing IT infrastructure to enrich security intelligence, improve incident detection, and harmonize data protection across on-premises and cloud environments for unprecedented insight and control.

We are very excited about the unified offering between CloudLock and OneLogin, and to experience the combined power of their best in class security and IDaaS solutions.

Stanley Amaya, CISO at LAFISE Group

Compromised Accounts

Analyze User and Entity Behavior

  • Analyze user and entity behavior data across OneLogin to detect suspicious activity indicative of account compromise, including access to OneLogin outside of whitelisted geographies
  • Aggregate data streams from SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS platforms to gain a comprehensive picture of user activity for superior incident detection
  • Add workflow and forensics capabilities to security events to enhance incident investigation and efficiently remediate incidents and improve security posture
Compromised Accounts

Cloud Malware

Discover, Analyze, and Control Malicious Applications with Apps Firewall

  • Combat the risk associated with unsanctioned, user-enabled third-party cloud apps, many of which have excessive permission sets, capable of accessing, modifying, and externalizing
    corporate data
  • Revoke risky apps in OneLogin in bulk across the entire user base
  • Maintain compliance with SaaS licenses by identifying mis-provisioned and dormant users
  • Combine OAuth revocation in CloudLock with OneLogin security capabilities, including deactivating and deprovisioning applications
  • Whitelist or blacklist apps based on CloudLock’s Community Trust Rating – the largest crowdsourced security analysis of cloud applications trustworthiness
  • Automate policies to govern cloud application enablement based on access scopes
Cloud Malware

SecOps & Forensics

Manage Incidents

  • Centrally manage, investigate, and take action on incidents for OneLogin and the rest of your public cloud portfolio, including suspicious admin activities reported by OneLogin
  • Gain real-time insight into the health of your public cloud applications in one unified dashboard with security analytics
  • Record an immutable audit log of all actions performed as evidence for regulatory compliance and internal policies
SecOps & Forensics

Experience a Live Demo

See the CloudLock CASB & cloud cybersecurity solution in action from one of our cloud security experts

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