Cisco Cloudlock is the cloud-native CASB and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform that helps accelerate use of the cloud, including the apps you buy and build. Cisco Cloudlock secures your cloud users, data, and apps across Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and orchestrates security across your existing security investments.

Orchestrated Security

For security teams that need to combat complex cyberthreats while meeting compliance regulations, the Cisco Cloudlock Cybersecurity Orchestrator aggregates data feeds across existing IT infrastructure to enrich security intelligence and harmonize data protection across on-premises and cloud environments for unprecedented insight and control.

CloudLock Cybersecurity Orchestrator


With an API-based architecture, Cisco Cloudlock is the only CASB solution that protects cloud environments regardless of how they are accessed – unmanaged or managed devices – and whom they are accessed by – unmanaged or managed users.

Cisco Cloudlock achieves deep integration with monitored platforms, including both packaged and custom apps, via API, enabling detailed, object-level granular controls for a richer selection of remediation capabilities.

In addition to leveraging APIs, Cisco Cloudlock services are available as APIs through the Cisco Cloudlock CyberDev Platform to deliver codeless security for the cloud apps you build. Our API-driven approach allows fast integrations and codeless security for a wide variety of applications.


Cisco Cloudlock protects data in the cloud, not from the the cloud, because we understand the cloud is an opportunity, not a problem. Our cloud security as a service is based on APIs co-developed with public cloud vendors so we can complement your apps and empower your users rather than operate as a choke point that all traffic has to be routed through.


Due to our cloud-native architecture, Cisco Cloudlock grows with you. No multi-phase deployments, no user limits, no services projects. Cisco Cloudlock delivers immediate cybersecurity intelligence across the enterprise in minutes. Our enterprise customers include industry-leading organizations that monitor hundreds of millions of files daily for over 10 million users.

Cisco Cloudlock Cyber Intelligence

Cisco Cloudlock Cyber Intelligence combines the largest crowd-sourced cloud cybersecurity platform with machine learning and our data scientist-led CyberLab to provide the industry’s most intelligent cybersecurity analytics.

Community Intelligence

Crowd-sourced Community Trust Ratings for third-party connected apps

Machine Learning

Advanced analysis that adaptively learns user behavior to uncover suspicious behavior patterns


Data Scientist-led lab that analyzes trends in security and customer data across Cisco Cloudlock customers, providing unique insights on cybersecurity

Cisco Cloudlock Logic Engine

Rule-based policies, including: Content Detectors, Frequency, Threshold, Proximity, and Sensitivity analyses, RegEx, Geo, Reputation, Bloom Filters, Keywords, Classification, Sharing, and IP

Cisco Cloudlock Security Modeler

Entity Correlation and Relationship Monitoring

Cisco Cloudlock Stream Data Processor

Data Collection and Processing

Customer trust is our highest priority, and we are dedicated to providing leading security solutions to our customers. We have teamed up with leading security companies that provide our customers the agility to manage modern security risks. These partners balance a relentless focus on security with an exceptional commitment
to ease of use.

Patrick Heim, Head of Trust & Security at Dropbox

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