Most organizations have an impressive roster of security technologies, but they more often resemble disparate alphabet soup rather than a finely-tuned and integrated operation.

For security teams that need to combat today's complex cyberthreats, the Cisco Cloudlock® Cybersecurity Orchestrator is an API-driven solution that aggregates data feeds across your existing IT infrastructure to enrich security intelligence and harmonize data protection across on-premises and cloud environments.

Cisco Cloudlock Cybersecurity Orchestrator

Featured Orchestrations

Elevated IAM: IDaaS + CASB

IDaaS solutions do a phenomenal job of securing login behavior, but are blind to user behavior within cloud apps. The Cisco Cloudlock Cybersecurity Orchestrator aggregates and analyzes data across SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS platforms to rapidly identify anomalous activity. Once suspicious behavior is detected, Cisco Cloudlock can initiate a response action utilizing IDaaS functions.

  • Analyze user and entity behavior to detect anomalous activity indicative of account compromise
  • Automate response actions within IDaaS solutions, such as requiring step-up authentication, reducing maximum session length time allowed before requiring re-authentication, and increasing password strength requirements
  • Improve identity assurance through orchestration with leading IDaaS solutions, including OneLogin and Okta

Better Together: NGFW, SWG, and Cisco Cloudlock

Between the growing volume of cloud malware and the countless third-party cloud apps with excessive access scopes - often including permissions to view, edit, delete, and externalize corporate data, organizations are challenged with knowing when new apps are installed, which are risky and which are not, educating end users on risky apps, and removing high-risk apps from the environment. Cisco Cloudlock integrates with NGFW and SWG technologies to deliver unprecedented cyberthreat defense and security control across on-premises and cloud environments.

  • Unify application discovery to include unsanctioned, on-network cloud application usage and off-network, user-enabled cloud apps connected to corporate cloud apps via OAuth
  • Assess application trustworthiness through the Cisco Cloudlock Community Trust Rating and SWG or NGFW app catalog synthesis
  • Generate a comprehensive Shadow IT report
  • Combat risky and malicious cloud apps through robust remediation capabilities.

Manage Incidents Your Way

By integrating Cisco Cloudlock with SIEM solutions, security and risk professionals are empowered to incorporate cloud security incidents in SIEM reporting and data visualization functions, gaining an understanding of big picture security trends.

Additionally, Cisco Cloudlock integrates bi-directionally with select SIEM solutions to enable comprehensive incident management, including triaging, analysis, and remediation.

Cisco Cloudlock also offers a Splunk app currently available on Splunkbase, Splunk’s online marketplace.

  • Incorporate cloud security incident management in existing security operations workflows
  • Leverage SIEM reporting and data visualization capabilities
  • Aggregate data from siloed information sets for to gain a comprehensive understanding of security trends

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