Security isn’t just for the applications you buy. The Cisco Cloudlock® CyberDev Platform delivers codeless security for the cloud apps you build, enabling you to bake in CASB capabilities that defend your custom apps against data breaches.

For business executives that need to build and release secure new apps rapidly and on-schedule, the Cisco Cloudlock CyberDev Platform delivers fast, baked-in security, including threat protection and cloud DLP, for any cloud application. Instead of releasing a product without effective security or delaying product launches to build in security, Cisco Cloudlock is the only solution that offers easily-accessible APIs that make security for the apps you build apps fast and easy.

Build secure apps that fully leverage the benefits of IaaS/PaaS
Discover and protect sensitive information
Defend the apps you build against data leaks and account compromises
Enforce regulatory and security compliance

Combat Data Breaches

Detect, classify, and control sensitive data within your custom apps

  • Leverage countless out-of-the-box policies to gain immediate visibility and control over sensitive data within your applications
  • Pinpoint sensitive information that matters to you with Cisco Cloudlock’s highly-configurable cloud data loss prevention (DLP) engine
  • Automate file-level encryption as a response when DLP policies are violated as well as enable users to initiate file and folder-level encryption to protect the data they deem sensitive
Combat Data Breaches

Protect Against Compromised Accounts

Analyze user and entity behavior within your custom apps

  • Hunt for anomalous behaviors indicative of account compromise, such as violations of whitelisted country rules and impossible travel speeds
  • Correlate millions of data points across both your app and many other SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS environments for aggregated security insights
Protect Against Compromised Accounts

SecOps & Forensics

Manage and investigate incidents for your custom apps

  • Centrally manage and investigate incidents across SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS environments with a highly-intuitive and flexible user interface
  • Track user access and privileged user modifications and change permission history
  • Monitor all access to your application data and resources to record an immutable audit log of all actions to support regulatory compliance and internal policies
SecOps & Forensics


Protect information and manage audit reports for your custom apps

  • Leverage pre-built policies to detect credit card numbers (for PCI compliance), protected health information (for HIPAA compliance), and personally-identifiable information (PII)
  • Provide audit reports on user activities, security incidents, and administrator actions

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