Cloud Data Protection

Protect Against Data Breaches and Inadvertent Misuse

Users are the new perimeter in the BYOx phenomena, as organizations are challenged by users’ increased ability to access, create, and distribute sensitive information within cloud environments. The average organization experienced a 4x increase in external collaboration via public cloud applications and 10x growth in files stored in public cloud applications from 2014 – 2015. There is a concrete struggle to bridge the gap between legacy data governance tools and the necessary level of visibility and control within cloud environments.

As an API-driven, cloud-native CASB solution, CloudLock achieves a deep level of integration with monitored SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS solutions. Only CloudLock delivers advanced cloud DLP functionality, including out-of-the-box policies aimed at common data protection considerations, such as compliance. Additionally, CloudLock can monitor data at-rest within platforms via API and provide a comprehensive picture of user activity through retroactive monitoring capabilities.

CloudLock protects organizations against data breaches in any cloud environment and app through a highly-configurable data loss prevention engine. Featuring countless out-of-the-box policies and a wide range of automated, policy-driven response actions such as file-level encryption, quarantine, and end-user notifications, CloudLock provides unparalleled coverage of cloud traffic, including on- and off-network, programmatic, and user-driven communications by managed and unmanaged users and devices, retroactively and in real-time.

CloudLock combines the patented technology in the CloudLock Security Modeler with the highly-adaptable CloudLock Logic Engine, as well as crowd-sourced security analytics across billions of data points, the data scientist-led CyberLab and advanced machine learning to provide actionable cybersecurity intelligence across an organization’s cloud infrastructure.

Comprehensive Cloud DLP Policy Engine

CloudLock continuously monitors cloud environments to detect and secure sensitive information through countless out-of-the-box policies as well as highly-tunable custom policies.

With the CloudLock CASB, security teams pinpoint sensitive information within cloud environments, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, to protect critical data, such as intellectual property, information governed by compliance mandates, and employee records. Organizations can mitigate risk efficiently using CloudLock’s configurable, automated response actions, including encryption, quarantine, and end-user notification.

Comprehensive Cloud DLP Policy Engine

Automate Remediation of Security Incidents

Security professionals use CloudLock to configure automated response actions to remediate risk in the instance of policy violation, including end-user notification, file-level encryption, transfer of ownership, quarantine, and more.

Advanced capabilities such as threshold and proximity controls ensure a high true positive and low false positive rate, while CloudLock’s highly-intuitive and flexible interface enables efficient incident remediation.

Leverage Powerful Out-of-the-Box DLP Policies

Secure cloud apps with highly-configurable cloud DLP policies as well as out-of-the-box policies, including policies to detect exposed PII, PCI, IP or other sensitive information.

The policy engine allows for pinpointing sensitive information across disparate cloud environments, such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, to protect critical data (IP, Compliance, Employee Records, etc.).

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Cloud-native, API-based CASB solution to fortify enterprise SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS environment and extend custom security services to homegrown application
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