Auditing and Forensics

SecOps & Forensics Across All Your Cloud Applications

On average, it takes organizations 210 days to identify a breach. That’s 210 days too late. From compromising an organization’s reputation, through taking control of corporate cloud accounts, to stealing terabytes of sensitive data and selling it on the black market, the potential damage is staggering. Organizations need to quickly, thoroughly, and effectively investigate potential security breaches and suspicious activity. Currently, this typically involves collecting and analyzing audit logs from across disparate cloud applications and viewing information in multiple individual apps.

What if you had a powerful solution for SecOps and forensics to quickly and successfully investigate suspicious activity to determine if a breach has occurred? What if you could do that across all of your SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS cloud applications from one cybersecurity platform?

Cisco Cloudlock provides centralized forensics to help organizations determine “who did what and when” during a security investigation. By aggregating audit logs from across disparate cloud applications to support your forensics efforts you can drill down on specific users to review their activities (including privileged users) for a holistic understanding of actions performed and activities carried out.

  • Track user access of privileged user modifications and change permission history and leverage location-aware auditing to monitor suspicious behavior
  • Access an immutable audit log of all actions performed as evidence for regulatory compliance and internal policies
  • Conduct post-incident analysis and targeted investigations with filtering criteria

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