App Discovery and Control

250,000+ Apps Discovered and Counting

Visibility and Control for Shadow Cloud Apps

The average organization has over 733 unique, user-enabled, third-party cloud applications active within their environment of which over one quarter are considered high risk. Cisco Cloudlock focuses on the Shadow IT challenge that matters – the cloud and third-party apps that connect directly into your corporate environment. Cisco Cloudlock gives organizations the peace of mind that employees can use the apps they want securely, while establishing safeguards around apps that access accounts and data.

Between the growing volume of cloud malware and the countless third-party cloud applications with excessive access scopes – often including permissions to view, edit, delete, and perform operations even while the app is not in use – organizations are challenged with knowing when new apps are installed, which are risky and which are not, educating users on risky apps, and removing high-risk apps from the environment.

Cisco Cloudlock Apps Firewall discovers and controls malicious cloud apps connected to your corporate environment, and provides the world’s largest crowd-sourced security solution to identify individual app risk, using our Community Trust Rating. Cisco Cloudlock is the only company to have discovered over 250,000+ connected
cloud applications.

Discovering Risky Apps

Surface risk in more than apps that directly connect into your corporate environment. Visibility into any apps through IDaaS, including Okta, OneLogin,
and Centrify.

Controlling App Access

Whitelist or blacklist apps based on crowdsourced risk ratings. Increase employee awareness with email alerts and revoke apps in bulk across the entire
user base.

Crowdsourced Cloud App Security Insight

The Cisco Cloudlock Community Trust Rating is the world’s largest peer-driven crowdsourced app risk statistics, harnessed and analyzed across Cisco Cloudlock’s entire customer base. The powerful, out of the box feature allows you to quickly identify which applications have been trusted or banned across your peers to make an informed decision.

  • Create a Dashboard of all “Shadow IT”/ OAuth-connected apps across all users
  • Classify “Shadow IT” apps by risk profile
  • Define and enforce white/black-listing policies
  • Integrate with your SIEM / ITSM / SOC via APIs
Crowdsourced Cloud App Security Insight
Securely Enable the Use of Cloud Apps

Securely Enable the
Use of Cloud Apps

App visibility plus insight into risk and user activity can empower you to create policies that protect data and detect compromised accounts.

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Automate App Revocation

With Cisco Cloudlock, you gain complete visibility into the OAuth-connected apps that end users are authorizing into their corporate environments to understanding which apps are risky. Automate revocation of high-risk apps from the environment with out of the box policies

Automate App Revocation

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