Register a Channel Opportunity

Follow The Steps

Registration request

Reseller or Referral partner representative submits a completed “registration request” utilizing the supplied form and providing basic account details.

Reviews submission

CloudLock reviews submission and “Accepts” or “Declines” request. Registration requests will be declined by CloudLock on reasonable business grounds, including by the way of example:

  1. The submission relates to an existing CloudLock customer,
  2. The submission relates to an account with an open opportunity within the CloudLock sales system (currently, as of the date of submission,
  3. The submission relates to an account within the CloudLock sales system for which there is active sales efforts ongoing as of the date of submission, or
  4. Registration is for a Public RFP/RFI for which CloudLock is not accepting registration requests.


CloudLock will email the Reseller or Referral partner representative informing them if the request was “Accepted” or “Declined”. If no e-mail is sent, the submission is “Declined” by default. Declining a lead does not preclude co-operative marketing efforts per partner’s agreement with CloudLock and where applicable, contact information for CloudLock representative(s) will be supplied with CloudLock’s response email.


“Accepted” submissions are registered in the submitting partner’s name and are valid for 120 days from the registration date. Once expired, a new registration request must be submitted and will be considered for re-registration in accordance with this process.


If Reseller or Referral partner’s executed agreement with CloudLock is inconsistent with the above, the agreement will govern to the extent of that inconsistency.

Our Leading Customers

  • BBVA
  • Financial Times
  • HBO
  • Theguardian
  • Whirlpool

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