IaaS Security

Today, businesses run mission-critical workloads on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environments like Amazon and Microsoft Azure. In fact, Gartner predicts IaaS Services to grow from $16B in 2015 to $44B in 2019.

For many organizations, IaaS environments support crucial business functions and customer-facing applications, meaning IaaS security compromises are not an option.

As cybercriminals target IaaS with increasing frequency, precision, and persistence, businesses look to harden their environments against a growing threat landscape.

IaaS Security Considerations

IaaS environments are highly flexible, with the ability to create, delete, and modify virtual machines on-demand or through automation. With instances constantly being spun up and spun down, it is difficult to impossible to keep track of where sensitive data resides.

Organizations must ensure that employees are not creating new virtual machines in order to bypass security policies and controls. Over time, virtual machines can be forgotten, leaving unmonitored sensitive data behind.

While IaaS platforms offer highly-developed security functionalities, with many organizations augmenting their security strategy with virtual firewalls and virtual intrusion prevention systems, IaaS security considerations around usage, unauthorized access, and modifications to configuration settings within environment persist.

Security Analytics

The security requirements for using Infrastructure as-a-Service are essentially the same as they would be for using your own data center.

Dave Cullinane, Chairman of the Cloud Security Alliance Board in NetworkComputing

As cyber threats increase pressure on security leaders Cloudlock integrates nicely with our security philosophy, enabling us to secure our cloud environment while we scale our business at a high velocity, Cloudlock adds a layer of visibility and security allowing us to better protect our global operations by monitoring suspicious activities and alerting on potential threats.

Jon Hanny, Associate Director, Information Security at SNL Financial

Security Intelligence from Cisco Cloudlock

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