Google Drive Encryption

Do I Need It?

Despite an organization’s best efforts, the possibility of data externalization persists. Perhaps it’s an employee typo made when sharing a file via email, the compromise of a 3rd party app, or a malicious domain administrator taking advantage of their privileged access. Google secures Drive for Work data via encryption at rest and in-transit. But what mechanisms do you have in place to accommodate for the variable of human behavior in scenarios such as the above?

Cloud Encryption - Do I Need It?

Getting Selective: Encrypting at the File Level

For organizations looking to take data security a step further, file-level encryption is a great asset to have up your sleeve - one that keeps users’ to ability to access and distribute sensitive information in SaaS applications. Additionally, it allows for organizational discretion and control over what data is encrypted, avoiding the downsides of encrypting cloud data. Encrypting at the file level also allows for increased security for your most sensitive data in the event of a user-induced breach, as in a phishing attack.

Getting Selective: Encrypting at the File Level

Encryption Sounds Like a Lot of Work

It doesn’t have to be! In a nutshell, we recommend organisations: 1) Understand what content in Drive is most sensitive, 2) Consolidate the data into a few repositories to improve management practices, and 3) Select an encryption technology that is easy to work with, prioritizes user experience, and is compatible with other SaaS platforms you may adopt down the line.

Encryption Sounds Like a Lot of Work

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