Travis Perkins plc is one of the UK’s leading companies in the builders'​ merchanting and home improvement market. It includes 20+ industry leading brands, with over 2,000 nationwide locations and £5.9bn turnover.


The Challenge

To continue enabling a massive workforce,better serve customers, improve the efficiency of interactions with suppliers, and accelerate growth in a competitive marketplace, Travis Perkins recognized the undeniable advantages of cloud technologies, having adopted G Suite in 2013.

Although the benefits of cloud technologies were indisputable, the dominant consensus throughout the technology and leadership teams demanded that the advantages of cloud computing must not undercut or in any way jeopardize the security of the organization.


I would recommend Cloudlock to organizations who, like us, need to gain that confidence that their cloud environments are secure.

Nick Bleech, Head of Information Security at Travis Perkins

The Solution

Cisco Cloudlock emerged as the solution of choice to realize a vision of a cloud-empowered organization based on four key factors:

  • • Rapid Deployment, Superior Time-to-Value, and High Scalability
  • • Out-of-the-Box and Highly Tunable Policies
  • • Powerful Automated Response Actions
  • • Visibility and Control of User-Enabled Apps


With Cisco Cloudlock, Travis Perkins improved their security and compliance posture leveraging out-of-the-box policies to work to identify compliance violations and inappropriate sharing of data, both internally and externally. Apps Firewall also gave Travis Perkins control over third-party apps to reduce the number of potential inroads into the corporate environment, decreasing the attack surface. Additionally, Travis Perkins leverages Cisco CloudLock’s integration with Splunk to streamline security operations.

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