Fort Wayne Wire Die has historically been the birthplace of technology that drives the wire drawing and wire die industries. From the first wire die manufacturing equipment and processes developed in the 1930s to the ongoing engineering advancements that have marked the industry’s evolution ever since, Fort Wayne Wire Die has always stood at the forefront.

Today, with four manufacturing locations, two additional sales offices, and 19 more sales rep firms positioned around the globe, Fort Wayne Wire Die extends its uniquely historic wire die engineering and applications expertise to the world.

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The Challenge

Using the standard features in G Suite, Fort Wayne Wire Die's domain administrator has no way to view or control how documents are being used and shared. This lack of visibility creates many potential business and legal liabilities, and thus calls for a solution that allows not only the ability to see how employee documents are being shared, but provides the tools necessary to quickly remediate improper sharing and inform and encourage better practices in the future.

When we bought Cloudlock for Google Apps we also bought into the domain expertise Cloudlock has around data management and data governance. We appreciate the approach Cloudlock had taken in applying their expertise and lessons-learned in securing and auditing unstructured data on the network towards protecting data stored in the cloud.

Kevin Johnson, IT Manager at Fort Wayne Wire Die

The Solution

With thousands of documents storing sensitive corporate and customer data, Cisco Cloudlock
provides granular audit capabilities for Google Drive including visibility into:

  • Documents that are shared with anyone worldwide
  • Documents that are exposed to people outside the company
  • Documents exposed to 'Everyone' inside the company
  • Usage and permissions of sensitive documents

Experience a Live Demo

See Cisco Cloudlock in action from one of our cloud security experts

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