Damballa provides advanced cyber threat protection, discovering advanced threats (APT), advanced malware, and targeted attacks that bypass prevention layers. Damballa helps enterprises prevent loss of their data, intellectual property, finances, and reputation due to a security breach. Led by a team of data scientists, innovators, researchers, and seasoned industry experts, Damballa leads the way in advanced threat protection and containment.


The Challenge

Damballa has been an avid user of cloud platforms for collaboration and customer relation management, and prides themselves on maintaining strict adherence to compliance and regulations in both platforms. They needed to audit user behavior in the cloud, ensuring no sensitive data is purposefully or even inadvertently externalized via the platforms.

Cloudlock helps us identify and remediate sensitive data exposure in the cloud within 24 hours. Most security concerns get resolved before we have to worry about them.

John Scrimsher, IT Director at Damballa

The Solution

Multi-platform support and user-centricity were key for Damballa. The right security solution had to enable their users to use these services, rather than discourage them from doing so.


With Cisco Cloudlock, Damballa can:

  • Efficiently detect and remediate sensitive or regulated data exposure in cloud-based document sharing
  • Automatically enforce acceptable application policies for third party apps
  • Continuously monitor their CRM environment for security events and data extractions

Experience a Live Demo

See Cisco Cloudlock in action from one of our cloud security experts

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