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  • César V Hernández R,
    Unversidad Panamericana
  • Mitchell Bailey,
    IT Manager
    Austin Fraser
  • David Duchan,
    Information Security Engineer
  • Brock Hubbard,
  • Joel Rosenblatt,
    Director of Computer and Network Security
    Columbia University
  • Andrew Stillman,
    Director of Systems Development
    New Visions for Public Schools

Featured Customers

700+ organizations across over 150 countriessecure their cloud environments with Cisco Cloudlock

  • "We found Cloudlock to really fit into our development lifecycle. Cloudlock allowed us to be able to explain how we’re able to take API technology, which is core to our DNA, and really apply an additional layer of security."

    Brock Hubbard, CIO
  • "Cloudlock gives me a critical layer of IT security and the controls I need. It provides visibility into which documents users are creating and how they are sharing them. I can also monitor adoption and make sure users adhere to our document sharing policies and procedures."

    Nathan McBride, Executive IT Director
  • “Cloudlock helps us find Social Security numbers and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that are placed in the domain. This is an essential compliance application for us.”

    Lara Niles, Ph.D, IT Applications Administrator & Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer
  • “Cloudlock enabled us to confidently expand our use of cloud applications while protecting mission critical data. By pairing automated policies with smart response actions, our business can go faster while at the same time improving security.”

    Carter Busse, Sr. Director of IT Business Applications
  • "Take, for example, all the IEP documents (Individual Education Plan). The school owns hundreds of these documents, and each one contains sensitive and private information about each student participating in this program. It's key that we have the visibility and control to make sure these documents comply with privacy regulation."

    Pete Poggione, IT Director
  • "When we bought Cloudlock for Google Apps we also bought into the domain expertise Cloudlock has around data management and data governance. We appreciate the approach Cloudlock had taken in applying their expertise and lessons-learned in securing and auditing unstructured data on the network towards protecting data stored in the cloud."

    Kevin Johnson, IT Manager
  • "Cloudlock enables us to achieve compliance for the data we store in Google Apps. With Cloudlock we can safely enjoy the collaboration features of Google Apps while still complying with HIPAA, SOX, and PCI."

    Linda Zanoni, IT Infrastructure Manager
  • "It costs us about $195 for each social security number that gets exposed. You lose a file with one-hundred thousand Social Security numbers and you're talking some serious money there. Cloudlock lets us find those files before the bad guys find them."

    Joel Rosenblatt, Director of Computer and Network Security
  • "We looked around and didn't find anything suitable except for Cloudlock. We chose Cloudlock as a strategic, long-term product to use."

    Nick Woodcraft, Applications Manager
  • "The biggest benefit Cloudlock provides for us is visibility into what users are doing; what they are storing up in the cloud, and being able to keep ourselves out of hot water, to be honest. We don't want news channel moments, and without Cloudlock we would not have had nearly as good of view into what is out there and how to take action on it."

    David Duchan, Information Security Engineer
  • “With Cloudlock, we were able to gain control of our Google Drive environment, giving us file management like we're used to in Windows, but better. Our security team can access rights, and our auditors can review all changes, all from within the same app.”

    Cliff Dixon, Vice President of IT
  • “I was surprised to see the number of Google Docs in our Google Apps domain. I knew that the Boise State faculty and staff were leveraging Google Docs; but until now, I did not know the extent of the usage. Now that I have Cloudlock providing visibility into Google Docs, I can delegate tasks to the security team and make sure that we are able to see how Google Docs are shared.”

    Brian Bolt, System Engineering Team Lead

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