Cisco Cloudlock Press Kit

Our Logo

The Cisco Cloudlock logo lockup is our most valuable asset and should be used consistently across the entirety of our creative output. Care should be taken in placement, color, dimension, and clear space.

Cisco Cloudlock Colors

The Cisco Cloudlock color system is applied throughout the expression of our style as photographic color washes, top page and sidebar tabs, backgrounds, text/copy color, icons/illustrations, and as part of our lockup.

Primary Colors

Cisco Blue #049fd9

Dark Gray #333333

Medium Gray #666666

Light Gray #999999

Ghost Gray #dddddd

Off White #f5f5f5

Pure White #ffffff

Secondary Colors

Lake Blue #004baf

Royal Purple #652D89

Vivid Red #c41230

Cali Orange #f58025

Tech Green #46A040

Our Typeface: CiscoSans

CiscoSans was designed to be easy to read in all media, including print, web, mobile, and video. We use CiscoSans in all cases except in situations that call for system fonts, such as emails and PowerPoint presentations.

CiscoSans was developed to be uncomplicated, straightforward, and practical. It can carry a wide array of personalities when set in different sizes, weights, and other typographical treatments.

When CiscoSans is impractical, we use Arial.

CiscoSans Light

CiscoSans Light CiscoSans Light is used in web and other branding collaterals.

CiscoSans Regular

CiscoSans Regular CiscoSans Regular is used in web and other branding collaterals.

CiscoSans Bold

CiscoSans Bold CiscoSans Bold is used in web and other branding collaterals.

For Press Inquiries And Other Questions

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