CloudLock Press Kit

Our Signature

The signature is the most visible element of CloudLock identity—a universal signature across all communications. We use the same version in print, on screen, at trade shows and on the walls of our office. While it is a simple logo, we must treat it with care.

Our Brandmark

The CloudLock signature is made up of two elements: the brandmark and the brandtype. The dark brandmark goes on a white background and the white brandmark on a dark background.

CloudLock Colors

The primary colors of the CloudLock color palette are strong and straightforward. They represent the core of the brand using the very minimum number of colors. The consistent representation of these core colors help reinforce the distinctiveness of the CloudLock brand.

Dark Blue #0c172b

Light Grey/Blue #657f9c

Our Typefaces

Typography is an important aspect of our brand identity. The typographic style contributes to CloudLock’s distinctive aesthetic. These two typefaces should be followed to ensure all CloudLock’s communications appear consistent.

Century Gothic

Century Gothic Century Gothic is CloudLock typeface.

Open Sans

Open Sans Open Sans is used in web and other branding collaterals.

For Press Inquiries And Other Questions

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