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CloudLock Partners with Okta for Integrated CASB and IDaaS Security

CloudLock teams up with Okta to close the loop on Threat Protection, Cloud Malware and Forensics

San Francisco and Waltham, Mass., November 2, 2015 – CloudLock, the leading provider of CASB and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solutions, today announced a new partnership with Okta, the foundation for secure connections between people and technology, to protect organizations from threats and cloud malware across users, accounts and applications.

CloudLock for Okta extends CloudLock’s Cloud Security Fabric, a unified cloud security solution that enables organizations to manage and secure all of their SaaS applications centrally. With thousands of customers, Okta is the leading integrated identity management and mobility management solution, giving employees, partners and customers access to the best tools available while enforcing strong security protections. The integration of CloudLock’s cybersecurity platform with Okta provides a comprehensive security solution with a set of unique capabilities:

  • Account Compromise and Threat Protection with User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA). Based on heuristics and machine-learning patterns, CloudLock detects, aggregates and correlates suspicious behavior across Okta and other SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and IDaaS platforms and identifies breaches that may otherwise go undetected. For example, CloudLock triggers an incident if a user logins into Okta from Asia and the same user credentials are simultaneously used to login to Salesforce from the U.S. Based on the joint integration, CloudLock automatically triggers alerts of potential account compromises to Okta, leading the latter to automatically reset passwords for end-users and reducing behavioral risk factors.
  • Discover, Analyze, and Control Cloud Malware with Apps Firewall. Leveraging CloudLock Community Trust Ratings, the largest crowdsourced security analysis of cloud application trustworthiness, CloudLock combats the risk associated with third-party cloud apps, many of which have excessive permission sets, capable of accessing, modifying, and externalizing corporate data. CloudLock automates security policy management to govern cloud application enablement based on access scopes and revoke risky apps in Okta in bulk across the entire user base. The solution further identifies applications that are in use, but not provisioned in Okta, as well as the applications that people have access to but are not using.
  • Security Operations & Forensics. CloudLock provides user activity data collection and visual forensics to detect security breaches, reduce incident investigation times, and comply with regulations. Easily determine “who did what and when” to gather evidence and simplify investigations. With CloudLock organizations can investigate use session and activities across multiple cloud environments. Any suspicious activity reported by Okta is managed through CloudLock’s incident management system allowing a centralized remediation process for all SaaS applications.

CloudLock pioneered the API-first approach in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market. CloudLock for Okta deploys in less than five minutes without requiring any hardware, software, agents or network configurations and has zero impact on the end-user experience.

In addition to the full integration of CloudLock and Okta, CloudLock can be accessed through Okta’s IDaaS solution via SAML integration, enabling security professionals to easily manage user access through the Okta Admin Console.

“Forward-thinking organizations from all industries are adopting Okta as a core pillar of their IT strategy”, said Gil Zimmermann, CEO and co-founder at CloudLock. “The combination of CloudLock and Okta provides joint customers with broad insight into suspicious user behavior across thousands of applications as well as timely and risk-minimizing remediation paths.”

“Security is top of mind for our joint customers. The CloudLock and Okta integration empowers IT security professionals with the confidence to deploy the most business critical apps, helping their employees work faster, boost revenue and stay secure,” said Chuck Fontana, VP of Business Development at Okta.

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About Okta

Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Okta allows people to access applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security policies. It integrates directly with an organization’s existing directories and identity systems, as well as 4,000+ applications.

Because Okta runs on an integrated platform, organizations can implement the service quickly at large scale and low total cost.

More than 2,500 customers, including Adobe, Allergan, Chiquita, LinkedIn, MGM Resorts International and Western Union, trust Okta to help their organizations work faster, boost revenue and stay secure.

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About CloudLock

CloudLock is the cloud-native CASB and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform that helps organizations securely leverage cloud apps they buy and build. CloudLock delivers security visibility and control for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and IDaaS environments across the entire enterprise in seconds. Founded by Israeli Elite Cybersecurity Military Intelligence experts, the company delivers actionable cybersecurity intelligence through its data scientist-led CyberLab and crowdsourced security analytics across billions of data points daily. CloudLock has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing security product company in the U.S. and by Glassdoor as one of the top 3 best places to work in the U.S. Learn more at

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