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CloudLock Launches Cloud Cybersecurity Fabric Support for Office 365

CloudLock for Office 365 provides capabilities for user behavior analytics, cloud data protection and governance, and controlling Shadow IT applications

<Ofc365_rgb_Orng166San Francisco, Calif. and Waltham, Mass., April 21, 2015CloudLock, the leading cloud cyber security provider, today announced the launch of CloudLock for Office 365. The solution further extends CloudLock’s Cloud Security Fabric, a unified cloud security solution that enables organizations to manage and secure all of their SaaS applications centrally. CloudLock for Office 365 leverages the Office 365 Management Activity API, in combination with existing Sharepoint Online APIs, to provide unique capabilities around user behavior analytics, cloud data protection and governance, and controlling Shadow IT applications for Office 365 components including Microsoft One Drive for Business and SharePoint Online.

CloudLock for Office 365 is one of the core components of the CloudLock Security Fabric, a unified cloud security platform that provides centralized visibility for organizations looking to secure multiple SaaS apps such as Office 365, Salesforce, Google Apps, Dropbox, Box, ServiceNow or any other app. CloudLock pioneered the API-first approach in the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market. . In a March 2015 report, one of Gartner’s recommendations is to “favor CASB vendors that support the API mode of access. It has the lightest touch on end users, and, therefore, a greater chance of business acceptance.”1

CloudLock deploys in less than five minutes without requiring any hardware, software, agents or network configurations and has zero impact on the end-user experience.

“We see our customers adopting Microsoft Office 365 as a core pillar of the enterprise backbone at an incredible rate,” said Gil Zimmermann, CEO at CloudLock. “Extending the CloudLock Security Fabric to support Microsoft’s cloud offerings was a logical next step in expanding value to our customers in delivering organizations with a unified security platform across SaaS applications.”

“The integration of Office 365 Management Activity APIs into CloudLock’s solution will enable our Office 365 customers to monitor user behavior and detect suspicious activity using CloudLock’s cross-service security fabric” said Nagesh Pabbisetty, Partner Group Program Manager, Office 365 Information Protection, at Microsoft.

CloudLock for Office 365 key capabilities include:

User Behavior Analytics and Threat Prevention

  • Monitoring of user activity to detect potential anomalies and significant changes that may suggest malicious behavior.
  • Tracking of privileged user access modifications and change permission history.
  • Alerting IT and security operations with real-time alerts and incidents when suspicious activity occurs.
  • Incident escalation and event trigger integration with third-party security solutions such as SIEMs and IT Service Management solutions.

Based on heuristic and machine-learning patterns, CloudLock aggregates and correlates suspicious behavior across multiple cloud apps. For example, CloudLock triggers an incident if a user logins into Salesforce from Asia and the same user credentials are simultaneously used to login to OneDrive for Business from the U.S.

Cloud Data Protection and Governance

  • Discovery, classification, continuous monitoring and protection of sensitive data in the cloud, such as PCI, PII, PHI and intellectual property in near real-time.
  • Context-sensitive analysis of file sharing permissions within and outside of the organization based on file ownership, sharing and access patterns with CloudLock’s heuristic algorithms.
  • Central incident lifecycle management across Microsoft Office 365 and all other SaaS apps including automated response actions and notifications to end users.

CloudLock extends Microsoft’s native DLP capabilities focused on Office 365 to provide an advanced data security and risk and compliance solution across multiple cloud apps. For example, regulatory compliance and internal auditing specifications may dictate that PCI data should be encrypted in SharePoint Online, kept only in encrypted fields in Salesforce and not allowed altogether in Dropbox. CloudLock automates the entire data security lifecycle.

Shadow IT App Discovery and Control

CloudLock focuses on the Shadow IT challenge that matters – cloud and third-party apps that directly connect into an organization’s corporate environment. Through its crowdsourced Community Trust RatingTM, CloudLock discovers and controls the risk across more than 70,000 apps with five million users under management. With this release, CloudLock extends support for connected apps to the Microsoft ecosystem.

  • Discovery of mitigation of risk related to apps directly connected to sanctioned apps such as Office 365, Google Apps and others via OAuth with a clear strategic focus on apps that touch corporate data.
  • Automated, policy-driven app control through app whitelisting and blacklisting based on risk profile and access scope based on CloudLock’s community-based trust ratings.
  • Increased employee awareness and mitigated app risk with email alerts and bulk

CloudLock for Office 365 is available as a Beta immediately and will be generally available in June.

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1 Gartner: Select the Right CASB Deployment for Your SaaS Security Strategy (March 12, 2015)

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