What Is Cloud Data Protection?

Cloud Data Protection in 5 Minutes


While many of the traditional principles of data protection transfer to the cloud ecosystem, the hyper-interconnected nature of SaaS applications introduce new considerations. As sensitive data now moves into the cloud, and beyond the protection of your perimeter control, it becomes increasingly more challenging to track and control. Although cloud providers are taking the right steps in securing their platforms and infrastructures, user- and data-based security is left in the hands of organizations like your own. This has been proven by the volume of recent breaches, often caused by not-always-intentional insider activity.

Must Have #1: Tightly integrate with cloud applications and log aggregation systems

According to Forrester, no solution is useful unless it can integrate with key SaaS and IaaS environments. This is particularly important to ensure full security is provided without breaking native app functionality.

Integrate with Cloud Applications

Must Have #2: Encryption that maintains functionality

Encryption is an effective tool as long as the information within it remains searchable, sortable, filterable, and more. Maintaining functionality ensure users and admins keep the core value they are looking to get from their chosen business applications.

Encryption That Maintains Functionality

Must Have #3: Provide a seamless user experience

The source of this discussion, after all, is user adoption of cloud platforms. It is therefore critical to maintain unhampered access to those business applications, from any location or device, as you simultaneously add a layer of security to them.

Seamless User Experience

Must Have #4: Enforce DLP in the Cloud

DLP in the cloud looks very different from its on-premises counterpart. Finding both visibility and control is key to implementing it effectively.

Enforce DLP in the Cloud

Must Have #5: Enable enterprise performance and scale

No matter the solution method, an effective CDP system must scale to meet the requirements of both small and large organizations.

Enable enterprise performance and scale

Must Have #6: Allow for secure collaboration, not just security

Solutions must provide cloud-to-cloud security without impact user collaboration, often core to the business applications’ value. Instead of blocking traffic, behavior and data movement should be continuously monitored, risks identified, and remediated using a combination of risk-appropriate responses.

Must Have #7: Integrate and interoperate with existing identity and access management systems

The ability to integrate with existing management systems via APIs is key, ensuring the leverage of ongoing operational best practices.

CloudLock’s Cloud Data Protection Solution

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