What We Learned From the Largest CloudLock User Group Yet This year, the CloudLock User Group was bigger and better than ever, with a new venue at Google’s Boston office, more attendees,…

What We Learned From the Largest CloudLock User Group Yet

Michael Gleason

I spend my days (and nights) explaining how the strengths of the cloud - high availability, scalability, and interoperability - can help us overcome what is often considered its greatest weakness: security.


2This year, the CloudLock User Group was bigger and better than ever, with a new venue at Google’s Boston office, more attendees, and a host of new sessions highlighting CloudLock’s latest developments. Here, we review the biggest takeaways from the event.

1) The Power of Collaboration

None of us are as smart as all of us. The tremendous value derived from exchanging ideas and listening to feedback from customers is not to be taken lightly. We learned a large volume of IT security teams are actually facing similar challenges – and can share creative approaches to resolve them.
CloudLock - 2014 CloudLock User Group 7

There were a number of commonalities in the comments we heard from attendees and a near endless exchange of ideas, ranging from methods to encourage end-user adoption of cloud platforms to collaboration on security policy creation to the best metrics to demonstrate value of a platform to executives.

2) Buzz Around File-Level Encryption

Perhaps in response to recent headline-grabbing events, or perhaps due to our recent launch of our Selective Encryption solution, file-level encryption in the cloud was a recurring topic of conversation.

Our users commonly agreed that an effective encryption solution must account for:

  • Positive User Experience. The solution needs to be seamless to the end user, enabling the full functionality of the platform they have enjoyed previously while providing a high degree of security. If the solution is too invasive or encumbering, users will seek to circumvent it.
  • Compatibility. The encryption solution needs to be compatible with all the platforms commonly used, and with all devices that may require access to it. Requiring users to understand and use multiple encryption technologies, coupled with limiting device support will lead to confusion and frustration of users.
  • Actionability. The solution needs to enable administrative encryption actionability from DLP scan. The scan will form the backbone of security strategy to ensure security is maintained.

3) There is a Need for a Modern Security Fabric CloudLock - 2014 CloudLock User Group Ron

In his presentation, Ron Zalkind, CloudLock CTO, discussed
the growing need for a broad security solution, which he refers to as the “Security Fabric.” The six elements of a security fabric are: Context Analysis, Content Analysis, Behavioral Analysis, Central Auditing, Policy Automation, and Encryption Management.

He emphasized that a contemporary security solution must:

  • Enable unification across multiple platforms,
  • Offer near real time insights,
  • Have zero end-user impact,
  • Scale with ease,
  • Not create an additional threat vector,
  • Adhere to the best established security standards, and
  • Be auditable.

Finally, an effective Security Fabric must integrate into organizational workflows seamlessly to allow the business to function without interruption – whether we’re talking about an existing S.O.C. or established incident response.

CloudLock - 2014 User Group 54) Our Users Are Hungry For More: CloudLock University

This year’s user group saw the launch of CloudLock University with a half-day long interactive workshop to cover the fundamentals, best practices, customer case stories – and our appetitious customers couldn’t have enough.
The CloudLock University 101 session covered basic topics, such as interface navigation and fundamentals of crafting tight security policy, while the 201 session addressed more advanced material, including advanced policy configuration, managing and classifying 3rd party apps, and more.

If you’re an existing or soon to be CloudLock customer, stay tuned for more on CloudLock University to ensure you continue to leverage all the functionality of the platform and maximize the impact of your CloudLock instance.

5) We Can Accomplish So Much in Three Days

Additional sessions included:4

  • Presentation of CloudLock’s vision by Co-Founders Gil Zimmerman (CEO) and Ron Zalkind (CTO)
  • Discussion on Google’s Drive for Work initiatives by Google Head of eDiscovery Jack Halprin
  • Customer Panel discussing particular use cases around CloudLock
  • Demo stations for hands-on use of our solutions
  • Breakout sessions on integrating security systems with the CloudLock APIs, compliance, and 3rd party apps
  • And much more!

This User Group was, without a doubt, our most fun yet. We had a blast and it appears the attendees did, too. We can’t wait for an even bigger and (dare we say it?) better event next year.

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