Top 20 Must-Follow Cloud Cybersecurity Experts Spotlighting Today’s Cloud Champions With the rapid-fire cybersecurity content coming out daily, it can be difficult to make sense of the noise and…

Top 20 Must-Follow Cloud Cybersecurity Experts

Zack Gross

With a passion for all things tech and creative, I spend my time helping people discover how cloud cybersecurity protects and enables businesses all at once.


Spotlighting Today’s Cloud Champions

With the rapid-fire cybersecurity content coming out daily, it can be difficult to make sense of the noise and truly keep up. So, we’ve put together an updated list of thought leaders – in no particular order – who we’ve identified as the top 20 cybersecurity experts to follow:

  1. Bruce SchneierBruce Schneier (@schneierblog) is a well-accomplished cybersecurity writer. With thirteen books under his belt, it’s no wonder The Economist dubbed him a security guru.
  2. Graham CluleyGraham Cluley (@gcluley) is an award-winning cybersecurity expert, writer, and speaker. Graham’s been in the industry since the early ‘90s and has been featured on BBC News, CNN, NPR, Good Morning America and TechCrunch.

  3. Nigel GibbonsNigel Gibbons(@NRG_fx) is managing director of Cordon Sanitaire. He’s extremely passionate about cloud computing, and loves to share information on cybersecurity, privacy, and the benefits of cloud technology.
  4. Rob WrightRob Wright (@RobWright22) has been writing about technology for more than 15 years and serves as the site editor at SearchSecurity. He not only enjoys Star Trek and science fiction novels, but also builds custom PCs in his spare time.

  5. rich mogullRich Mogull (@rmogull) has 20 years of experience in information and physical security, and risk management, where he founded Securosis, the world’s leading independent security research and advisory firm. He specializes in cloud security, data security, application security and emerging security technologies. 
  6. Steve RaganSteve Ragan (@SteveD3) started his career as an IT contractor, and moved into journalism. Now, he has more than fifteen years of experience in the tech industry and is currently the Senior Staff Writer at CSO online.
  7. bob rudisBob Rudis (@hrbrmstr) is a security data scientist and cybersecurity researcher who is passionate about the risk management landscape. His avid technology expertise is shown through his social posts.
  8. Brandon ButlerBrandon Butler (@BButlerNWW) is Senior Editor at Network World where he covers cloud computing, hot new startups, and the newest advancements in the tech industry.
  9. Thor OlavsrudThor Olavsrud (@ThorOlavsrud) is a senior writer at CIO online who uses his extensive experience in the tech industry to provide security professionals with insight into the evolving world of information technology. Check out the latest from Thor.
  10. Kevin JacksonKevin Jackson (@Kevin_Jacksonis a business consultant and founder of OnCloud Training and GovCloud Network. He has become a thought leader in the world of cloud computing, and his blog was ranked among the Top 50 for IT integrators by CRN in 2015.
  11. Jeremiah GrossmanJeremiah Grossman (@jeremiahg) is the founder of WhiteHat Security and a well-known security expert and industry veteran. Prior to launching his company, Jeremiah was as an information security officer at Yahoo! and has been sharing his infosec knowledge on Twitter since 2008.
  12. Mike DahnMike Dahn (@mikd), known as the “guy who likes to talk about payment security, risk management, and regulatory compliance,” strives to create a community that enables the balance in chaordic life moments
  13. Anton ChuvakinAnton Chuvakin (@anton_chuvakin) is Research Vice President at Gartner and a frequent blogger with an impressive internet presence around his cybersecurity insights. Check out his blog.
  14. brian krebsBrian Krebs (@briankrebs) is an independent investigative journalist with a daily blog dedicated to all aspects of cyber-crime. After the Lion Worm came around and locked Brian out of his system twice, his obsession with Internet security and computers was born and won’t be letting up anytime soon.

  15. Jon OltsikJon Oltsik (@joltsik) has almost 30 years of technology industry experience and is an ESG senior principal analyst and the founder of the firm’s cybersecurity service. As a result, Jon is widely recognized as an expert in all aspects of cybersecurity.

  16. Warwick AshfordWarwick Ashford (@Warwick_Ashford) joined Computer Weekly in 2007 where he started off reporting on IT security, law, regulation, compliance, and more. He now serves as security editor.
  17. Phil WaltonPhil Walton (@SFDCphil) is a Salesforce MVP and has been an independent consultant since 2004. His timeline is filled with his advanced knowledge of data migration, analysis and more.

  18. Ian BarkerIan Barker (@IanDBarker) is an interesting hybrid: freelance tech writer and fiction novelist. Follow him on twitter for the latest in tech gadgets, cloud computing, and cybersecurity. Visit his website to find his novels and more.
  19. Tim StarksTim Starks (@timstarks) has written about cybersecurity for more than thirteen years and is now a reporter for Politico, where he writes the Morning Cybersecurity Newsletter.

  20. Alex HuttonAlex Hutton (@alexhutton) has been involved in InfoSec since 1994, when he was asked to educate customers as to why they needed these expensive “firewall things”. Alex blogs about risk and security management and is a frequent speaker on cybersecurity.

    Is There Anyone We Missed?

    Who do you turn to for your cybersecurity insights and updates? If any of them didn’t make our list, tweet your recommendations @cloudlock. And, to gain even more cyber security awareness, check out the CloudLock CyberLab’s latest cybersecurity report!

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