Real-Time Salesforce Threat Detection for the Tech Industry Intellectual property is the lifeblood of the tech world, so it’s no wonder insider threats are a major source of concern. We…

Real-Time Salesforce Threat Detection for the Tech Industry

Zack Gross

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Intellectual property is the lifeblood of the tech world, so it’s no wonder insider threats are a major source of concern. We are thrilled to announce a new, easy, and revolutionary way to detect abnormal activity in Salesforce to prevent the loss of intellectual property.

Identify Suspicious Employee Behavior

Our new, real-time offering allows security admins to monitor and react to abnormal activities within the Salesforce interface, so they can leverage the workflows, triggers, reports and dashboards they already rely on. Perhaps more importantly, both monitoring and incident resolution takes place with absolutely no impact to the speed or overall performance of the Salesforce interface.

CloudLock’s in-app capabilities make it possible to monitor any action that is taken in Salesforce, including:
  • Who looked at what, and which identity or delegation was used, even if no files were exported
  • When each user accesses certain information, in real time
  • Where the users are located (by IP and geography)
  • Which device, operating system, and browser was used
In addition to real-time monitoring, organizations can now capture and report on customizable, rule-based information sets, including:
  • Views of sensitive information exposures (e.g. proprietary information, PII, and PCI)
  • Records of information viewed by users who don’t have proper ownership rights
  • Alerts for unusually high numbers of record views
  • Watchlists to track at-risk users, such as employees who have given notice, received subpar bonuses, or have admin privileges

Plus, you can even take Cloudlock’s Real-Time Abnormal Behavior Detection for Salesforce to the next level with full integration to Salesforce Shield.

Real-Time User Activity Monitoring

With such a competitive market space, high turnover rate, and larger than average number of users with escalated permission sets, insider threat truly matters in tech. Imagine an admin decides to leave his job at a tech startup for a more lucrative position in the same field. Months later, he realizes his previous company forgot to deprovision his old account and he still has access to critical information in their cloud environment.

And what if this rogue admin simply views unauthorized files and either takes notes by hand or captures information via a camera phone instead of exporting or downloading it? Using CloudLock’s in-app security capabilities, organizations will be alerted to this activity. When a typically dormant admin account accesses information that doesn’t belong to them, or views an abnormal amount of intellectual property, for example, an alert will auto-generate whether files are exported or not.

Get Cybersecurity Into Your Salesforce Environment

Want to test out any of the fancy capabilities mentioned above? Witness the value of unparalleled visibility, control, and peace of mind in a Free Demo of CloudLock for Salesforce.

CloudLock for Salesforce

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