Salesforce Encryption: A New, Selective Approach These days, we can’t imagine running our lives without the cloud. Whether it be for our personal use with social media, in…

Salesforce Encryption: A New, Selective Approach

Ari Leeds

As a Technical Product Manager, Ari works to develop product vision and turn it into reality.


Salesforce Encryption

These days, we can’t imagine running our lives without the cloud. Whether it be for our personal use with social media, in business with CRM’s like Salesforce or somewhere in the middle with connected applications used for productivity.

We use the cloud to create content there, collaborate, connect and automate processes to become more efficient and more informed so we can stay focused on what we’re great at.

Cloud Security Considerations

While all these freedoms allow us to accelerate creativity and innovation, they come with serious security concerns for businesses:

  • How does a business make sure that all of this energy is moving in the right direction without inhibiting performance?
  • How does one mitigate the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands?
  • How can a company adhere to regulations and industry compliance while also reaping the full unadulterated benefits of the cloud?

Salesforce Encryption

The answer many look to is encryption. Encryption is definitely a good way to keep things safe, but encrypting everything can be rather intrusive. offers great built-in encryption capabilities and even takes it to another level with their platform encryption product as part of their Shield package.

This is awesome for those who have sensitive data that’s for “eye’s only”. It allows you designate areas (fields) where you can count on your data to be safe and sound. It’s also far better than depending on a “man-in-the-middle” encryption solution which encrypts content before entering Salesforce, rendering basic Salesforce functionality essentially useless – not to mention trying to do anything sophisticated in Salesforce while trying to work with pre-encrypted data.

So, is encryption good?

Well, to a point. We don’t want everything encrypted; it’s too much to handle for people to efficiently do their jobs and collaborate (remember all the reasons you adopted the cloud in the first place?).

Encryption that is selective and conditional, based on sensitive or inappropriate content being entered in the wrong place, is the ideal solution. Having your encrypted fields where sensitive information is supposed to live is a great start, but being prepared for the reality of human error with selective encryption completes the picture.

At CloudLock, we understand trying to throttle information and collaboration will not promote a bright future for cloud adoption. This is why we take an API approach rather than standing between your employees and your cloud solution. We designed our Salesforce encryption solution to protect sensitive data within the Salesforce platform while staying true to our user-centric philosophy.

CloudLock Selective Encryption for Salesforce allows security teams to create highly customized cloud policies on the CloudLock cloud cybersecurity platform with the peace of mind that when a policy is violated, it is handled swiftly by quarantining and encrypting only the data matters, preserving your users workflow and staying out of band.

What’s even better is that it leverages Salesforce’s best of breed native encryption capabilities, allowing users to continue using Salesforce as usual without any intrusive gateways or performance impact. It also works across your entire org including Chatter, Files, Communities and the fields of your standard and custom objects.

The next time a credit card number is accidentally added to a chatter post, you can be sure that just that post will be securely quarantined and encrypted without the need to worry about having to turn off Chatter for everyone due to fear of sensitive, exposed data leaking out.

So accept the cloud and promote the cloud, but don’t do so with a ball and chain – do it by providing a clear path with the proper guardrails in place you need to keep all that great cloud energy moving in the right direction with the confidence and the freedom the cloud was meant to provide.

Request a demo of CloudLock for Salesforce or visit our listing on the Salesforce App Exchange to gain meaningful control of risks and exposures today.

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