CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer for Salesforce What is the Event Monitoring Viewer? The CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer is a free visualization tool that provides visibility into Salesforce event…

CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer for Salesforce

Ari Leeds

As a Technical Product Manager, Ari works to develop product vision and turn it into reality.


What is the Event Monitoring Viewer?

The CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer is a free visualization tool that provides visibility into Salesforce event log files to monitor logins, geolocate events, detect suspicious user behavior, and surface data leakage such as downloads and exports.

Leveraging Salesforce’s Event Monitoring capabilities, specifically the Event Log Files API, the Event Monitoring Viewer visualizes and organizes all log files by date and event type and delivers drill-down capabilities into each file.


The application also provides geolocation maps for all events tied to IP addresses, offering quick insight as to where events are occurring.

In short, the Event Monitoring Viewer takes raw data from Salesforce and converts it into meaningful business insights organizations can immediately gain value from.

The Salesforce Event Log Files contains incredibly valuable information, but, typically, you would need to have a developer (particularly one with a fair amount of free time) around to comb through endless rows of data.

How Can I Use It?

This tool is especially useful for investigating adoption and usage of the Salesforce platform. Businesses make substantial investments in their Salesforce implementations and want to ensure they are maximizing the value of that investment.


Specifically, we see many CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer users looking into adoption metrics such as: what kind of visual Force pages are being used, what kind of records are being looked at, dashboard and report runs, and so on.

Salesforce Security is a top concern for many, as businesses want to identify anomalies, learn which users are looking at what information, identify who is adding information into the system – and who is taking information out of the system. This information is extremely important for forensics, where we may have to deal with any of the following situations:

  • An employee is leaving the company
  • Salesforce Data Loss Prevention or DLP
  • Geolocation events, such as suspicious logins or other suspicious activity

It’s Free: The CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer for Salesforce

For more information on this application, the listing can be found on the Salesforce App Exchange, where you find this listed along with our additional Salesforce offerings. You might also want to head over to our Salesforce product page, where we break down security considerations within Salesforce.

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