The No-Nonsense Recipe for Salesforce Chatter Success Whether you’re a Salesforce veteran, just starting out, or considering adopting the platform, you should know Chatter functionality extends well beyond social…

The No-Nonsense Recipe for Salesforce Chatter Success

Michael Gleason

I spend my days (and nights) explaining how the strengths of the cloud - high availability, scalability, and interoperability - can help us overcome what is often considered its greatest weakness: security.


CloudLock-Salesforce-ChatterWhether you’re a Salesforce veteran, just starting out, or considering adopting the platform, you should know Chatter functionality extends well beyond social – it serves as a valuable collaboration point for business processes across the organization. If you’re looking to accelerate the adoption of Chatter and usher in its many benefits, consider the following six steps to get started.

1) Get to Know Chatter

As an enterprise-grade social network, Chatter inspires enhanced productivity by providing a hub where users can do anything from initiating support cases, sharing win stories, posting sales enablement collateral, shining a spotlight on internal job postings, providing support documentation and release notes … even posting cute pictures of dogs. On the go? Fret not – Chatter is about as mobile-friendly as it gets. If you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest developments, tips and tricks, and more, Salesforce has a dedicated blog for all things Chatter.

2) “A Goal is a Dream With A Deadline”

Ten points if you can name the individual responsible for the above quote without consulting the internet. Anyway, once you’ve properly developed your vision of idyllic business bliss, make it real with deployment objectives.

As a proponent of the S.M.A.R.T. goals system (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Specific), I would recommend something along the lines of: 30% of our user base will be active within one month, 50% of our user base will be active within two months, and so on. Chatter makes this pretty darn easy through engagement tools, including scoring incentives to drive employee use and customizable award badges for the accolade lovers among us.

3)  Find Your Champions in Each Department

You can’t do it all alone. The larger the organization, the larger the percentage of colleagues you aren’t on a first name basis with. To help spread the word – and hold their counterparts accountable for adoption – you need help.

To bolster your efforts and amplify your message, build support throughout the organization by first understanding what aspects of Chatter are most appealing to each team (marketing, inside sales, field reps, etc.). Then, connect with team leaders (de jure or de facto) and demonstrate the effect that encouraging their team to use Chatter will have on productivity and impact.

4) Incentivize Use

If possible, schedule a session to demonstrate Chatter, highlighting its many use cases. Once you have buy-in, run a contest to further drive engagement. Truth be told, however, once users begin sticking their proverbial toe in the Chatter water, the range of functionality will peak their interest and keep them coming back for more.

5) Measure Results and Recognize Celebrate Success

When goals are achieved, such as a certain user engagement percentage achieved, don’t be afraid to make some noise. You worked hard, you deserve it. Dive deeper to explore metrics beyond engagement and showcase the true successes. How many files are being shared? What assets are most popular? What anecdotal evidence of success do users have to offer?

6) Keep an Eye Out for Sensitive Data

If you’ve successfully completed steps 1-5, a sizeable chunk of your employees will be actively using Chatter on a daily basis – and injecting a high volume of data into it. Avoid any obstacles to ongoing Chatter victory by ensuring no sensitive data – such as employee or customer information, intellectual property, data regarding mergers and acquisitions, financial information – lives in Chatter. As adoption increases, start thinking about how to keep an eye on this.

We’re Just Getting Started

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