Real-Time Insider Threat Detection for Salesforce Insider threats are a major source of data loss and data theft. An employee who’s leaving an organization, for example, may try…

Real-Time Insider Threat Detection for Salesforce

Zack Gross

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Insider threats are a major source of data loss and data theft. An employee who’s leaving an organization, for example, may try to leverage information from Salesforce that may be beneficial to them at their next job. We are thrilled to announce a new, easy way to detect abnormal activity in Salesforce.

Identify Suspicious Employee Behavior – No Hassle

CloudLock’s real-time offering allows Salesforce and security admins to monitor and react to abnormal activities within the Salesforce interface, so they can leverage workflows, triggers, reports and dashboards. Now, organizations are able to receive an automated email when a representative accesses an account that doesn’t belong to them, or accesses an abnormal amount of records, for example.

Real-Time User Activity Monitoring

CloudLock’s new in-app capabilities make it possible to monitor any action that is taken, including:

  • Who looked at what, and which identity or delegation was used
  • When each user accesses certain information, in real time
  • Where the users are located (by IP and geography)
  • Which device, operating system, and browser the user accesses Salesforce from

Flexible, Granular Rules and Reporting

In addition to real-time monitoring, organizations can now capture and report on customizable, rule-based information sets, including:

  • Views of sensitive information exposures (i.e. credit cards, Social Security Numbers, etc.)
  • Records of information viewed by users who don’t have proper ownership rights
  • Alerts for unusually high numbers of record views

Plus, you can even take Cloudlock’s Real-Time Abnormal Behavior Detection for SalesForce to the next level with full integration to Salesforce Shield.

Level Up Your Salesforce Cybersecurity

Looking for real-time monitoring and granular auditing over your Salesforce assets? Witness the value of unparalleled visibility, control, and peace of mind by requesting a Free Security Assessment. Uncover vulnerabilities across your entire cloud environment– SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS:

  • Expose potential compromised accounts, or data security violations
  • Validate adherence with internal or industry-governed regulations – PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FERPA, and more
  • Receive a business analysis, mapping findings to your organizational goals

CloudLock Security Assessment


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