New Google Apps Encryption Capabilities You Can’t Live Without Encryption can be a little, well… cryptic. Finding the right approach to encryption for your organization can be like cracking a code…

New Google Apps Encryption Capabilities You Can’t Live Without

Zack Gross

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Encryption can be a little, well… cryptic. Finding the right approach to encryption for your organization can be like cracking a code in and of itself. While it’s important to control who has access to your sensitive data, it is equally important not to introduce productivity barriers for your users.

As a leading Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and already an expert in the cloud-based selective encryption space, we’re thrilled to announce our new capabilities for Google Apps– all flexible, user-friendly and significant business enablers. Here, we’ll focus on the three new features we’re most excited about:

  1. Bulk Encryption
  2. Automated Response Actions
  3. User-Owned Keys

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1. Bulk Encryption

Implementing bulk encryption, as in the ability to encrypt at the folder level, makes it easy for security and platform admins to operationally manage sensitive data. Imagine an HR representative encrypting employee offer letters, which contain sensitive personal information. Encrypting each at a file-level:

  • Leaves room for error: It’s the HR representative’s responsibility to encrypt each and every offer letter he/she creates. It’s only a matter of time before one sensitive file slips through the cracks. 
  • Hinders productivity: In this example, the HR representative would need to encrypt files each time they’re created. There are likely better uses for their time.

CloudLock’s folder-level encryption allows users to encrypt in bulk. In the same example, anytime a new offer letter is drafted, it can simply be dropped into an encrypted folder, making the file itself encrypted as well. Once in the designated folder, the HR representative can view any of the offer letters freely.

2. Automated Encryption, When Needed

Being able to selectively encrypt files in bulk is excellent. But, what about sensitive data your users are unaware of? Perhaps there are sensitive documents that were created before you implemented your security services, or some that has been mistakenly stored where it shouldn’t be.

CloudLock’s automated selective encryption response actions allow you to program our security fabric to discover sensitive data and take actions to secure it. Some easy and useful options are the ability to auto-encrypt, generate alerts to your end user or admin, or any combination of the above.

3. User-Owned Encryption Keys

CloudLock CybersecurityThere tends to be some contention around key ownership. Some organizations prefer to store their own keys so they can fully monitor who has access to them and be alerted if they were ever compromised. Others perceive some risk in the matter and would rather their service provider store them.

Going forward, we are putting the decision in the hands of our customers. Our encryption solution supports both models, extending our user and customer-centric approach to solving cybersecurity challenges in the cloud.

Keep Your Sensitive Data Under Lock and Key

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