Near Real-Time Cloud Security – What’s The Big Deal? Here’s the thing with our data, the data that resides in the cloud: it is born and lives either inside or outside…

Near Real-Time Cloud Security – What’s The Big Deal?

Michal Ferguson

As Director of Inbound Marketing, Michal thinks and breathes content - striving to get our community of cloud security professionals just enough information to become rock stars in their own organizations.


Here’s the thing with our data, the data that resides in the cloud: it is real-time-cloud-securityborn and lives either inside or outside the network, moves around quickly, and is shared with more people than ever before – 99% of which are not IT or security focused. Today, data is hard to keep track of, control, and safeguard. Organizations that are effectively adopting the cloud, specifically cloud applications, understand these are all challenges they are facing.

What can we do about it?

The question is not how to stop data explosion and user control – those are given and should be encouraged. Instead, focus on mitigating the associated risks.

  • Understand which data is most sensitive to your organization. Is it your upcoming product’s design specs? Is it your customers’ credit card numbers? Is it your employees’ personally identifiable information (PII)?
  • Constantly monitor the data to ensure security policies are not being violated
  • Have control over security incidents in real time. Make sure they are flagged and managed.
  • Educate and empower end users to remediate incidents and ensure they are not repeated.

New! CloudLock for Google Drive combined with the power of Selective Encryption

We are proud to launch CloudLock for Google Drive, the industry’s first cloud security solution that detects and protects sensitive content in near real-time, averting potential incidents in Google Drive.

CloudLock for Google Drive incident management view

CloudLock for Google Drive is a non-intrusive native cloud solution, providing a highly-intelligent content and behavior analytics engine that allows organizations to:

  • Discover and classify the most sensitive data in near real-time.
  • Easily define and customize security policies to automatically detect sensitive information such as intellectual property, PII, payment information, and more.
  • Take action on incidents in CloudLock’s centralized dashboard. Notify and enable security staff, administrators, and end-users to take risk-appropriate remediation steps. These steps include changing sharing privileges, removing file access, or encrypting files using CloudLock Selective Encryption.

Our Selective Encryption solution non-disruptively encrypts only the most sensitive data to an organization – allowing for both end-user-driven and corporate-governed encryption. The product doesn’t break real-time collaboration or impact Google’s virus-scanning in any way. Organizations will soon be able to set up policies to automatically encrypt files that contain sensitive information without requiring any end-user involvement.

Based on one unified cloud security platform across multiple public cloud applications including Google Apps and Salesforce, CloudLock continues to provide native security access – avoiding traditional gateway-based and reverse-proxy approaches that require heavy deployments, are prone to breaking cloud apps and are often unavailable from mobile apps. CloudLock is provisioned completely in the cloud in minutes and is completely seamless to end-users.

Sounds Cool?

Get hands-on experience with the product to gain insight into sensitive information in your Google Drive environment. Learn more, check out CloudLock for Google Drive.

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