Expert Series: Identity Management and IDaaS with OneLogin’s VP of Product, David Meyer We’ve all heard about IDaaS (or Identity-as-a-Service). How is it different from traditional IM (identity management) services? For years, businesses have managed…

Expert Series: Identity Management and IDaaS with OneLogin’s VP of Product, David Meyer

David Meyer

David Meyer is a visionary product executive who has been building software for 20 years. At SAP, he led teams that pioneered bringing cloud software to the most demanding companies in the world. Now at OneLogin, David drives the direction of the product, working closely with customers to build the future of identity.


We’ve all heard about IDaaS (or Identity-as-a-Service). How is it different from traditional IM (identity management) services?

For years, businesses have managed their employees’ identities within the closed networks of IT. They did it through control. They granted the employees computers and access to applications – using traditional Identity Management (IM).

The world couldn’t be more different now. Businesses onboard more cloud apps than on-premise apps, and more work gets done on phones than desktops. This requires a new breed of Identity Management – one that is native in the cloud, and where applications can be added in minutes instead of weeks. This is the only way to maintain the speed of business while keeping a company secure.

With OneLogin, identity management becomes universal. We serve users both inside and outside the organization, including employees, customers, partners, and contractors. With more than 4,000 integrations, enterprises can quickly and securely roll out new cloud and mobile applications, while ensuring on-premise and legacy applications are not left behind. Our solutions work with what you have, offering best-in-class integration with your choice of directories, as well as your entire application portfolio.

What do organizations care about when it comes to identity management in the cloud?

Your business runs in real-time. Your identity infrastructure must as well. With OneLogin, a modification in your directory cascades through to your apps in seconds. The ability to deploy new apps and onboard/offboard employees instantly means customers don’t have to wait. This mitigates risk by providing instant lock-down and notifications of identity changes and breaches.

As a trusted identity partner to the world’s most demanding enterprises, OneLogin understands the importance of delivering a superior customer experience. This includes a technology design that is powerful yet simple for both business and IT users. Dedicated success managers ensure that your business outcomes are achieved. Working with OneLogin is never complicated: we offer a free trial, transparent pricing and simple contracts.

What do security executives care about these days?

The board room cares about meeting their business objectives. Security executives try to allow this while preventing incidents both big and small, and often feel run over by the “business objective” bus. OneLogin strives to allow the business to thrive while eliminating key security threats.

A strong identity foundation is the key. OneLogin drives the highest security and data sovereignty across an enterprise’s entire app portfolio. This includes sophisticated levels of control, including extensive multi-factor authentication (MFA) options; separate EU and US data centers; and the ability to enforce security policies. We also deliver complete transparency: from our inception, we have been the pioneer in developing open standards for identity management, including SAML, NAPPS and SCIM.

So bring on the cloud, and all of its productivity, but safely.

What is going to change in the cloud and identity management market in 2016?

In this new world of work, where everything is shared, accessible and open, modern enterprises must manage the use of hundreds of apps by thousands of customers, employees and partners. Application portfolios have become complex, unmanaged and exposed, and this complexity will only compound as enterprises add exponentially more applications, devices and users both inside and outside the business. Identity management “by the app” is now a burden, and holding enterprises back from maximizing the value of their app investments.

Current approaches to identity management force enterprises to make a choice between integrity and business velocity. OneLogin is a unique solution built for the high speed, well-governed business.

To achieve this, organizations will work toward an architecture where managed Identity is the replacement for DMZs, Firewalls, and VPNs. Who you are and your level of trust determines your access, whether to application, device, or file.

What does this mean?

We make it fast and uncomplicated for IT executives to not only connect their users to all applications quickly and securely, but to manage application deployment, user onboarding/offboarding, user engagement, and governance and compliance. As a result, enterprises drive new levels of business integrity and operational velocity across their entire app portfolios.

Do you see differences in IM challenges from industry to industry? Smaller to larger enterprises?

Identity, at its core, is a universal requirement. That said, there may be some differences in the types of benefits that IM provides, depending on factors like industry and company size.

Industries that have a higher turnover or employ several contractors, for example, may find it difficult to manage all of their employees as they come and go. What’s more, small businesses will often be faced with the challenge of quickly onboarding new employees and granting them access to the apps they need. IAM solutions enable companies with ever-shifting employee-bases to easily manage the comings and goings of employees as necessary.

Large businesses face their own identity challenges. Enterprise corporations typically use legacy IT infrastructures to manage their employee identities. These infrastructures may have been effective in the past, but will inhibit businesses from fully leveraging the vast array of cloud apps that are now available. OneLogin recently acquired Cafesoft as part of a greater effort to embrace the hybrid IT infrastructure – that is, an IT model that leverages both on-premise and cloud resources. OneLogin offers a particularly versatile IM solution that will allow enterprises with legacy IT infrastructures to gradually shift to the cloud, and reap the benefits of cloud apps.

What do you know now that you wish you knew earlier about this industry?

There are a few key things I’ve learned in my experience. In regards to the tech industry as a whole, it’s important to recognize that it’s unpredictable. No matter how immersed you are within an industry, it’s impossible to predict with 100% confidence what the next big thing will be. The world of technology is changing more rapidly than ever, and you can only guess what innovators will think of next, or how users will react. This brings me to my next point.

Don’t underestimate the human element. After a certain point, development of a product or service can only go so far. And from there, there is only so much you can do. Not all technologies are adopted, and those that are aren’t necessarily adopted at the same rate. I think it’s crucial to understand that how, when and why adoption occurs is not entirely predictable.

Where It’s At: Usability, Speed, and Agility

It is no secret that products and services that are both useful and usable fare much better. In no small part, that is because they enable users to focus on what they intend to achieve rather than the process to do so. Another success factor is speed and agility. The faster something can be accomplished, the better for everybody. A recent Forrester Report titled “Making the Business Case for Identity And Access Managementreinforces this notion by suggesting that digital businesses urgently need better Identity and Access Management (IAM) not just for security, but also business agility. Read the report here.

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