How to Defeat the Sunday Night Blues Picture the scene – Sunday night, dinner just finished. You begin thinking about tomorrow (Monday) and the fact that you have to…

How to Defeat the Sunday Night Blues

Ed Nathanson

As a Talent Advisor, Ed helps great companies come to the good side of the force and join the rebel alliance.


CloudLock-Silly-StringPicture the scene – Sunday night, dinner just finished. You begin thinking about tomorrow (Monday) and the fact that you have to go back to work. Your stomach clenches, and the worries about various different work concerns go through your mind.

I like to call this the “Sunday Night Blues.” I am willing to bet 95% of the world suffers from this affliction. Why does this happen? Is it because we are such a “connected” world now that work never really stops? Is it because we, as a society, prioritize money over happiness? I think those are valid points for sure, but for my money the real reason is most people hate their jobs.

Think about it – if you really loved what you did and where you work Sunday night’s finality really wouldn’t mean anything – because while not the weekend you would still be happy and, dare I say it, excited to go to work on Monday?

Most of us did not dream of becoming accountants or sales people or support reps when we grew up, and certainly we weren’t fantasizing as children about getting up really early, commuting to an office and leaving at 5pm (or 6pm, or 7pm) to go sit in traffic on the way home.

Loving Your Job

So what exactly do those 5% of the world have who don’t get the “Sunday Night Blues” that makes them so stinking happy (or at the very least NOT miserable)?

I think the culture of the company they work for is one of the real differentiators in this equation. The people, the company’s values, the company’s environment. If those things are in place and match your mojo, chances are you will be happy in what you do and who you do it for.

A lot of companies mistakenly think culture means “perks.” Yes, it is cool to have ping pong tables and beer fridges, but they are but window dressing on what a really great company culture is. I think a great culture is not about “core values” nor is it defined by any executive team. Nope – for me a great culture is the composite of these basic elements:

  1.       Great people
  2.       Open communication
  3.       Shared passion
  4.       Understanding that work is not the employee’s entire meaning for living
  5.       Compassion

Whether a tech startup or a huge multinational, chances are that if these basic elements are there, people will love working at that company. This is one of the main reasons why I have enjoyed my time at CloudLock so much.

Not only do we check the boxes on all of these with an emphatic capital H for “Hell Yes!” but what I truly love is a byproduct of all of these basic tenants. It makes my job 10,000 times easier.

Employment Branding at CloudLock

What do I do? Well, a big part of my job is called “employment branding”. What that basically means is that I help market CloudLock as an employer to attract great talent to fill all their open roles.

How do these factors at CloudLock help me do my job? Easy – if people are genuinely happy they tend to want to talk about it and proudly share to the rest of the 95% I referenced that they LOVE working here and that they want the best of the best to join the team.

Instead of having to created contrived and frankly, fake content around said ping pong tables and beer fridges, what you are seeing from CloudLock is coming not just from “marketing” but really from the most genuine and honest place possible – our employees.

Engaging Employees

I remember joining in late 2014, and we had a very ambitious hiring goal at the time. It was obvious very quickly how special this environment was to me, and one of the things that we needed to do immediately was let the rest of the world know what our special sauce was.

CloudLock-Employee-FunOften when I work with clients I have to pitch the execs and the company on the value of letting their employees speak openly and honestly on social media and elsewhere to evangelize working at the company. To my surprise (although I shouldn’t have been surprised based on what I was observing) the team immediately got it and rallied around the cause.

Our rule was simple – no BS. Say what you want to say, how you want to say it. Take pictures to share our story. What happened in just a few short months was remarkable. We exceeded our goal for annual hires in under 5 months. We saw a 784% increase in monthly views on, now have a 5 star rating on Glassdoor from past and present employees and have seen our efforts featured in international publications.

Trust me – this was no “gun to the head” edict from management. This was nothing but a great group of people who were told “we trust you” and then went out and did what they thought was best – both for them and for the company. Incredible when you think about it, as I can certainly tell you this is very rare in the world I operate in.

Yes – we have the ping pong tables. Sure – we do the free food thing and play video games too. For me, the real magic is watching a group of great people work together towards a goal that they actually care about. Sure – we all get paychecks, but trust me when I say the passion for the CloudLock mission by our team is not one I have seen often.

I think immediately about whenever an email is sent out about any kind of win here. Without fail, for the next several hours I see a nonstop flurry of people in offices around the world taking the time out to email just to say congrats or thank you. Seems like something simple, but this happens ALL THE TIME here and I don’t discount it for a second.

I was really proud when last month we were named a “Best Places to Work in MA” by the Boston Business Journal. Not because of the award, although very cool, but because that was purely based on a survey of workplace happiness done anonymously of our employees.

You combine that with a perfect 5 star rating on Glassdoor and now it might make sense to you why CloudLock makes my job easy.  One thing for sure, this guy never gets the “Sunday Night Blues”. I hope everyone can sleep as sound as the team at CloudLock on Sundays.

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