Head in the Clouds – November 7th 2014 Edition Welcome to Head in the Clouds, a new weekly blog on some of the more interesting bits and pieces from the web,…

Head in the Clouds – November 7th 2014 Edition

Patrick Hellen

Patrick Hellen is the Community Manager for Connect, CloudLock's customer community. He spends his days conversing with customers about cloud security and the CloudLock Security Fabric.


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Welcome to Head in the Clouds, a new weekly blog on some of the more interesting bits and pieces from the web, with a distinct focus on cloud computing and security. Since we’re all barraged with information constantly, we’re putting together a weekly round up of what we here at CloudLock have been reading, found compelling, or think you might want to take a look at. Let’s jump right in?

Autosaving in iCloud

First up this week, is this potential security concern regarding iCloud autosaving drafts, including items you end up deleting. To quote researcher Jeffrey Paul: “Apple has taken local files on my computer, not stored in iCloud, and silently and without my permission uploaded them to their servers.”

You can read more about Jeffrey’s thoughts on his own blog, or check out one of the many articles on this to learn more. In this post Snowden world, people who are in security positions are much more sensitive about data – corporate or personal – being auto saved somewhere, without their knowledge or control. If only there was some company who could help you control these valid cloud services, to make sure you were protected…

Nintendo Server Shutdown

Second hit this week, is for all those Nintendo fans out there. If this is the first you’re hearing about it, i’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Nintendo is shutting down the servers for hundreds of it’s online games. The millions of people who access these games via their online components will have no other option but to stop playing, in some cases making the game they paid for no longer functional.

Enter the EFF! The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to defending civil liberties in the digital world, has stepped up and petitioned the Library of Congress to allow users to create, access, and support third party servers. The sticky part of this type of 3rd party cloud computing, is that many of these companies use proprietary connection protocols to protect their IP.

Since these companies are abandoning these online pieces, there might be a chance for these players to take over the processing, but it will be a dramatic shift for corporations who use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as their security blanket. Very interesting read for gamers and cloud users alike.

No Surprise Here: SC Magazine on Cloud Explosion

Next up is this great article from SC Magazine with a title we 100% agree with: Out with the old, In with the Cloud. The article shares this little tidbit that confirms the groundswell we’ve been seeing ourselves: “According to a new IBM study of CISOs, more than 85 percent say their organisations are now moving to cloud.”

With this huge shift from traditional on premises environments, the ever increasing issues around BYOD, companies making the shift have to make sure they’re preparing their users, and their data, for the increased complexity and collaboration of a cloud, or a hybrid cloud environment. This article lays out a nice narrative of the steps we’re all taking, with excellent resources to read.

A Humorous Spin on CISO Concerns

Finally, I’m closing with my colleague Michael Gleason’s blog, Your CISO’s Top 3 Cloud Security Nightmares.  There’s two ways to read this blog, and both are valuable. First, you can read his hilarious take on various CISO’s worst nightmares coming true, purely for the laugh. The term, “Literally Everyone Else in the World,” is perfect – you’ll see.

If you want to dive deeper and to get some good background on the scary nightmares he’s describing – the rest of the article is excellent, too. I’m pretty sure he owes me money after this much praise, but this week it’s well warranted.

This has been Patrick Hellen, CloudLock’s Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager, and make sure you check in next week for another Head in the Clouds update with the best bite sized chunks of the cloud world.

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