Head in the Clouds – November 14th 2014 Edition Welcome to Head in the Clouds, my weekly blog on the more interesting bits and pieces from the web, with a distinct…

Head in the Clouds – November 14th 2014 Edition

Patrick Hellen

Patrick Hellen is the Community Manager for Connect, CloudLock's customer community. He spends his days conversing with customers about cloud security and the CloudLock Security Fabric.


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Welcome to Head in the Clouds, my weekly blog on the more interesting bits and pieces from the web, with a distinct focus on cloud computing and security. With all the information we receive daily, here’s a short weekly round up of what CloudLock has been reading, has found interesting, or thinks you might like to read as well. Take a look at what we’ve uncovered for week two.

EFF asks Supreme Court for Help

The EFF makes my list again this week, this time by petitioning the Supreme Court to review an appellate court decision regarding the copyright status of API’s. Back in 2014, the Federal Circurt ruled that Java API’s were subject to copyright in a suit between Oracle and Google over the use of said API’s in Android.

The EFF has filed this petition on behalf of 77 of the biggest names in the computing word, hoping to reverse this decision that alters the current landscape of software creation. Imagine a world in which any attempt at connecting to, or integrating with, another company’s software was fully subject to their approval. Would the existing App Store type environment be able to survive such a ruling?

The linked stories paint a pretty daunting picture of what might happen if this decision stays as is with far reaching impacts to almost all software.

CloudLock - iCloudCloud vs Celebrities – The Blame Game

Over the last few months, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of high profile hacks targeting celebrities and the files they have in their cloud storage accounts.

Putting aside all the ongoing debates of who should really be blamed,  this article from Memeburn makes the case that the cloud itself is getting unfairly slandered.

Reports designed to explain the complexities of these hacks to an audience of varied technical backgrounds downplay one tiny detail: iCloud itself was not breached. Instead, a misconfiguration of passwords was the real culprit. But, with painting all cloud computing with their fear-based broad brush, the cloud is actually getting far worse press from the hack then the celebrities themselves.

The author manages to end the article with a suggestion that celebrities stop taking racy pictures – joining the ranks of others who have shifted a little of the blame away from the hackers themselves. Overall, it’s a unique look at this complex issue, though perhaps a slightly tone deaf one.

Obama vs the FCC – Net Neutrality

Finally, let’s talk about the REALLY big news that hit the airwaves this week – President Obama’s call to regulate the Internet like a utility. Even if you disagree with his opinion, the moment itself was a watershed for the internet in the USA, and a political tactic of high order. If you’d like to read his full thoughts, the President posted an article on Medium, which I think is another first. The Blogger in Chief is a little less impressive a title then Leader of the Free World, but we’ll run with it.

As one of the growing group of homeowners who would love to cancel cable (hurry up HBO), and who does not have a home phone, the real, “utility,” is in fact, the internet. Best case scenario is for it to operate pretty much the same way my water service does – pipe it to my house unhindered, and whatever I do with that flow is pretty immaterial.

Without this freedom, the innovation we’ve seen when companies like Netflix replace Blockbuster has the potential to slow down considerably, and deals with cable companies could speed up one service over another.

I’ll leave you with John Oliver’s opinion on Net Neutrality, the Last Week Tonight segment that crashed the FCC’s website with over 45,000 comments. It’s a slightly ridiculous take on the issue, but as it started a firestorm of public interest, it’s totally worth a watch.CloudLock - Patrick Community Connect

This has been Patrick Hellen, CloudLock’s Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager, and make sure you check in next week for another Head in the Clouds update with the best bite sized chunks of the cloud world.

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