Head in the Clouds – January 16th 2014 Edition Welcome back to Head in the Clouds, our ongoing blog of interesting web articles we’ve noticed, with a focus on cloud computing…

Head in the Clouds – January 16th 2014 Edition

Patrick Hellen

Patrick Hellen is the Community Manager for Connect, CloudLock's customer community. He spends his days conversing with customers about cloud security and the CloudLock Security Fabric.




Welcome back to Head in the Clouds, our ongoing blog of interesting web articles we’ve noticed, with a focus on cloud computing and security. With all the information thrown your way constantly – why not see what CloudLock has been reading, found compelling, or thinks is worth a look.

This week we’re looking at a great deal of government related articles, shadow IT surveys, and Facebook…for work?

Broadband by Communities, for Communities

President Obama, fresh off his push for Net Neutrality, has now published a White House Report that calls for the repeal of state laws that restrict the ability of local governments to create and manage their own Broadband internet solutions.

In a speech today in Cedar Falls Iowa, the President gave the local ISP as an example of the benefits of repealing these laws, as they offer 1Gbps for $135.00 a month, in comparison to Comcast’s local offering of 505Mbps for $400.00 a month.

The FCC, close to ruling on Title II considerations for ISP’s, is also investigating whether it can remove some of the 19 state laws that restrict this level of competition, to better level the playing field for local broadband where available. Personally, I’d love another option in my own home area, and if we’re talking 1Gbps speeds, I’m already in line.

Shadow IT: Keeping Companies up at Night

In my opinion, the best stand alone fact published in the Cloud Adoption Practices and Priorities Survey Report is that 74% of companies plan to adopt cloud services in some way this year, but only 8 percent know what apps are currently being used.

Shadow IT, and it’s far reaching complications, is at the forefront of IT managers and executives minds, while cloud and it’s productivity increases is just as prevalent in the minds of the average worker. You do have to register to download the full report, but the findings are very interesting for those of you pushing more cloud adoption this year.

Please Don’t Poke Your Colleagues

Facebook, the second most popular website in the world, is rolling out a Facebook At Work option, to allow businesses to create their own social networks.

Similar to services like Yammer, SharePoint, and Jive’s Community products in the social enterprise space, the interesting wrinkle in this offering is the option to allow users to create their own unique Facebook page for a work account, or link their personal account to their other profiles.

The takeaways for businesses? First, it’s a free offering – with no advertising to start, making it an easy test for a company, and second – like I said above, it’s Facebook. The only website more popular is Google. One of the barriers to entry to a lot of social networks and community options in businesses is adoption, and there’s nothing easier to adopt than a product you already know very well. This should be an interesting evolution in Facebooks portfolio, as more and more of it’s personal audience is looking at other apps.

That’s it for HitC this week. We’ll be back next week with more interesting web goodies to kill a few minutes while you’re waiting for that commuter rail.


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