Head in the Clouds – December 5th 2014 Edition Welcome back to Head in the Clouds, my ongoing blog of the more interesting web articles we’ve been reading, with a focus…

Head in the Clouds – December 5th 2014 Edition

Patrick Hellen

Patrick Hellen is the Community Manager for Connect, CloudLock's customer community. He spends his days conversing with customers about cloud security and the CloudLock Security Fabric.




Welcome back to Head in the Clouds, my ongoing blog of the more interesting web articles we’ve been reading, with a focus on cloud computing and security. With all the information thrown your way constantly – why not take a look at what CloudLock has been reading, found compelling, or thinks is worth a look.

Buckle up, this week is kind of amazing.

Who will be the Dropbox for Business?

It turns out … Dropbox! Announcing their new Business API this wednesday, Dropbox has opened the door to developers and users to customize the service, to fit their specific business needs. Millions of laypeople have been enjoying the benefits of the platform for years. With the APIs now available to developers, Dropbox has shown trust in the technology community at large to add value to the collaboration platform and promises to offer a compelling case for business use.

Shameless self-promotion alert. Amongst the technology partners Dropbox has teamed up with we find CloudLock, offering cloud data protection, compliance, central auditing and forensics, and more through an agentless, non-intrusive, cloud-native SaaS solution. Also, there’s been some news about CloudLock’s Security Fabric? You’ve heard about that, right?

Big Blue puts up Big Dollars

With some aggressive and expensive moves in the last two months, IBM has come out swinging in the cloud market. While a little later than we were all hoping, IBM’s strategic emphasis on the cloud is an affirmation of the cloud’s crucial part in driving the modern enterprise.

In an article on Business Insider, the details on IBM’s last two billion+ dollar deals are laid out, showing how the tech firm is trying to compete with the big cloud companies. When an established player like IBM reads the writing on the cloud wall, the Amazon’s and Google’s of the world probably start ordering more infrastructure. I’ll be paying close attention to this development, as I’m curious how quickly (and effectively) IBM can get this done.

Sony Breach + Adam Sandler hate = North Korean Dictator

In security news this week, Sony once again finds itself in the headlines for another breach. This one, aimed at Sony Pictures Entertainment comes on the heels of the 2011 Playstation hack, where about 77 million account details were stolen.

This hack, while smaller in scope, is reported to have stolen over 25 gigs of Sony employee data, including 3000+ social security numbers, names, dates of birth, and a significant amount of employee emails.

While the attack itself is concerning, and will have wide ranging impacts on both Sony’s business and the various employees whose data has been lost, there’s a small silver lining in the form of pure and hilariously uncensored employee feedback. The target of most employees anger? Adam Sandler. Click through to read some of the “suggestions” employees are making in regards to Sandler’s company Happy Madison.

Finally, to put a nice holiday bow on this whole story, apparently Sony thinks North Korea is behind the attack. The motive? The North Korean Government’s disapproval of an upcoming comedy movie, where Seth Rogen and James Franco are recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un. The internet is amazing, people. Just amazing.

Missile Lock on Santa Claus

Finally this week – for those of you who celebrate the arrival of the big, jolly, red-suited, and white bearded gift-giver on December 25 – NORAD and Microsoft have teamed up to provide mobile tracking of Mr. Claus.

As a kid, I always found it a little weird that the agency responsible for warning us of impending doom, could repurpose for holiday reindeer invasions, but hey – as long as he brought me a Nintendo and a Zelda game, I’d be ok with it.

If you’re less of a windows user, and more of a Chromebook/Android fan? Google’s got you covered as well.

This has been Patrick Hellen, CloudLock’s Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager, and make sure you check in next week for another Head in the Clouds update with the best bite sized chunks of the cloud world.


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