Head in the Clouds – December 19th 2014 Edition Welcome back to Head in the Clouds, our ongoing blog of the more interesting web articles we’ve been reading, with a focus…

Head in the Clouds – December 19th 2014 Edition

Patrick Hellen

Patrick Hellen is the Community Manager for Connect, CloudLock's customer community. He spends his days conversing with customers about cloud security and the CloudLock Security Fabric.




Welcome back to Head in the Clouds, our ongoing blog of the more interesting web articles we’ve been reading, with a focus on cloud computing and security. With all the information thrown your way constantly – why not take a look at what CloudLock has been reading, found compelling, or thinks is worth a look.

This week, I’m diving a little deeper, to uncover some of the stories that might have been overshadowed by a certain militant country in Asia. Let’s take a look.

WordPress flagged by Google as Malicious

First up this week, the news that over 100,000 websites running WordPress have malware embedded, leading to the potential that a cooking blog might be used as an attack vector for spammers and hackers.

The malware, SoakSoak.ru, has lead to Google blacklisting over 11,000 domains and is apparently believed to be directly related to the Revslider vulnerabilty that was reported back in September.

If you’re running WordPress, and you’d like to run a test to see if you are affected by this ongoing and evolving attack Sucuri is providing a free site check, and stay tuned, as the results of these compromised systems is probably just beginning.

EFF vs NSA – The Battle of the Acronyms!

In other security news, one of my favorite foundations, The EFF, is going to court this Friday to argue that the NSA’s collection of internet data is an unconstitutional search and seizure. If you’re interested in the full brief that they’ll be arguing, it’s available on the EFF site.

Net Neutrality – Comments Shift Dramatically – Or Do They?

The first round of the FCC’s call for comments were so well publicized and such a lightning rod issue, it ended up generating 3.9 million submissions, of which a significant majority called for the adoption of the Net Neutrality stance, that was also backed by President Obama.

The second round, which ended in September, had less submissions, at around 1.6 million, and ended up with over 60 percent of comments fighting against Net Neutrality.

This dramatic shift took many by surprise, as the original call for comments was analyzed at being 99 percent in support of the “No Fast Lane” set of rules, or in one amazing case, the entire text of War and Peace.

The consensus? That 56.5 percent of these anti-neutrality comments are all coming from one source, a Koch Brothers backed foundation.

If you’re wondering what all this might mean for the average consumer, Ars Technica has published a great breakdown of what might happen if the Internet became a utility.

This has been Patrick Hellen, CloudLock’s Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager, and make sure you check in next week for another Head in the Clouds update with the best bite sized chunks of the cloud world.

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