Be A Hero: Combat Cloud Security Threats with Google and CloudLock What do minions, Google, and CloudLock all have in common? You guessed it: superpowers. With the average data breach costing $3.8M (according…

Be A Hero: Combat Cloud Security Threats with Google and CloudLock

Alex O'Connor

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What do minions, Google, and CloudLock all have in common? You guessed it: superpowers. With the average data breach costing $3.8M (according to the latest IBM X-Force Research report), our teams got together to investigate a solution.  captain-minion-despicable-me-2

Many of these breaches are caused accidentally; someone sends an email with the wrong attachment or shares a document externally when they shouldn’t have. Hackers find these mistakes and go after weak passwords and user credentials to infiltrate corporate environments.

It’s vital that security teams educate employees and take proactive action to protect against cybercriminals who target otherwise unsuspecting users. Gartner’s report, “Mind the SaaS Security Gaps”, addresses the security handoff points between the customer and the Cloud Service Provider, stating that each is responsible for parts of the security plan. Embracing a shared responsibility model, CloudLock and Google work together to address the 3 main cloud security pillars:    

Accounts Security

G Suite Business (previously Google Apps Unlimited for Work) Offers:

  • Google Vault for eDiscovery and archiving (i.e. ability to recover user data after it’s lost)
  • Full control of managing external sharing, data access, and domain whitelisting (for admins)
  • Visibility into user interactions via detailed Drive Audit Logs

CloudLock enhances Google’s capabilities by:

  • Using Google’s extended APIs to run forensics and response actions when a compromise occurs
  • Tracking which applications your users are logging into & where they’re logging in from
  • Using Drive Audit Logs to alert you to what actions have been taken by a perpetrator & what steps should be taken to prevent further damage
  • Integrating with your IDaaS providers to make logs even more informative

3rd Party Application Security

G Suite Business Offers:

  • Fine-grained admin controls and OU-level Drive controls
  • Visibility into 3rd party apps & ability to block API access from within G Suite
  • Ability to manage data access at OU level
  • Full control over users’ data access and behavior

CloudLock enhances Google’s capabilities by:

  • Providing visibility into which apps are authorized using corporate credentials
  • Offering additional visibility and control into applications through CARI (Cloud App Risk Index) score, which allows banning of applications through CloudLock
  • Offering shadow IT discovery integration (visibility through CheckPoint and ZScaler orchestrations)

Data Security

G Suite Business Offers:

  • Advanced DLP capabilities for Gmail
  • Expanded DLP offerings to prevent important information from leaking from user’s domain
  • OU level controls for data access
  • Pre-configured policies that allow admins to apply them by choosing English words
  • OCR (optical character recognition) to scan attachments & apply rules to find violations (i.e. photo of credit card sent through Gmail)
  • Ability to set up thresholds to manage false positives
  • Encryption at rest

CloudLock enhances Google’s capabilities by:

  • Leveraging Google’s API for reporting to allow building of policies and response actions (i.e. encryption, quarantine, notifying end user)
  • Pinpointing sensitive information with out-of-the-box and custom policies via CloudLock’s DLP engine
  • Allowing user to securely share and collaborate on encrypted docs within Google while protecting most sensitive content
  • Offering user-driven encryption (active encryption): Enabling end users to identify and protect data they deem sensitive in Drive through user initiated file- and folder-level encryption
  • Allowing enterprise encryption key management

minion-superheroesSee these two? 

They are friendly (read: user centric), simple to work with, open, automated, and most importantly, effective. G Suite Business and CloudLock work seamlessly together to give you security superpowers so that you can protect accounts, applications, and data in your cloud environment.

Watch our recorded joint webinar for the details on how we can help you become the cloud security superhero in your organization!


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