To CASB and Beyond: The Next Level of Cloud Cybersecurity The Basics: What Is a CASB? Coined by Gartner, and short for Cloud Access Security Broker, CASB is used to describe a…

To CASB and Beyond: The Next Level of Cloud Cybersecurity

Zack Gross

With a passion for all things tech and creative, I spend my time helping people discover how cloud cybersecurity protects and enables businesses all at once.


The Basics: What Is a CASB?

Coined by Gartner, and short for Cloud Access Security Broker, CASB is used to describe a particular set of cloud security solutions centered around four main pillars: visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection.

When people think CASB, they typically think of protection for cloud applications, such as Salesforce or Dropbox. In Technology Overview for Cloud Access Security Broker, Gartner describes CASBs as an emerging technology focused primarily on security and compliance monitoring for SaaS applications.

(View this video for a full, but quick, recap of the CASB definition.)

But, with the market changing rapidly, the scope is broadening. Confining organizations’ cloud security needs under the umbrella of SaaS would be like trying to keep a compressed coil spring pressed between two fingertips. Organizations are quickly seeing their security landscape expanding into the realms of
Infrastructure-, Platform-, and Identity-as-a-Service.

Simply put, SaaS apps you buy aren’t the only cloud assets that need protection. With growing frequency, organizations are also building applications in the cloud, both for internal use and to bring to market. In fact, Gartner research shows the IaaS market has seen over 40% growth per year since 2011, and will continue to grow at least 25% per year through 2019. In these development environments, it’s crucial to protect the identity of your admin users and the sensitive data they’re working with.

The Next Level: Cloud-Native, Multimode CASB

Extending Cybersecurity-as-a-Service offerings beyond SaaS protections through deep and seamless integrations allows for the most comprehensive, 360° security solution.

So, we’d like to introduce you to the concept of a best-in-class, cloud-native, multimode CASB, providing API-based cybersecurity for the apps you buy and build, as well as leveraging and elevating your existing security investments. To determine if this is relevant to you, consider the following:

  • How many homegrown and IT SaaS apps does your organization have in place that are built with IaaS and PaaS  platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Softlayers, Salesforce’s or Google Compute Engine?
  • What capabilities does your organization have to discover and control the existence of sensitive information within these environments?
  • How well do your security solutions work together? For instance, imagine a CASB that detects an unusual volume of file downloads, and instantly triggers your IDaaS solution to require multi-factor authentication for the associated identity the next time it logs in.

cloudpicAs the leader in providing best-in-class, cloud-native, API-based CASB solutions, we leverage partnerships with the top players in the IaaS, PaaS, and IDaaS spaces to protect user identities and data across thousands of cloud apps you buy and build.

So how does this happen? CloudLock takes an API-based approach to cloud security, meaning we interact with other monitored cloud platforms via API. Beyond this, CloudLock’s security functionalities are available as APIs themselves, meaning they may be seamlessly integrated within other cloud applications from the get go.  

Beyond basic CASB capabilities, we also offer two unique solutions to help extend cybersecurity to the apps you buy and build:

The CloudLock® CyberDev Platform™ allows organizations to build custom apps that are even more secure than the apps they buy. It protects against data leaks and account compromises, discovers and secures sensitive data, and enforces compliance, all while having zero impact on end users.

The CloudLock® Cybersecurity Orchestrator™ aggregates intelligence across solutions. It unites formerly disparate data streams and systems to provide an unparalleled level of cross-platform insight. By analyzing activity across multiple systems, and triggering auto-responses, the orchestrator allows organizations to catch and respond to incidents that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Step Into The Future of Cloud Security

Want to experience the next level of cloud cybersecurity? Witness the value of unparalleled visibility, control, and peace of mind by requesting a Free CloudLock Security Assessment.

Uncover vulnerabilities across your entire cloud environment– SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS:

  • Expose potential compromised accounts, cloud malware, or data security violations
  • Validate adherence with internal or industry-governed regulations – PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, and more
  • Receive a business analysis, mapping findings to your organizational goals

CloudLock Security Assessment

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