Experts at CloudLock: December 2013 This is the latest in a monthly series highlighting insights by Kevin O’Brien and Eric Chaves, CloudLock Enterprise Solutions Architects, as well…

Experts at CloudLock: December 2013

Tiffany Aasted

As CloudLock's Manager of Corporate Marketing, Tiffany spends her days building the CloudLock brand and creating engaging web experiences for visitors of the CloudLock website.


This is the latest in a monthly series highlighting insights by Kevin O’Brien and Eric Chaves, CloudLock Enterprise Solutions Architects, as well as Gil Zimmermann, CloudLock CEO and Co-Founder, into topics like cloud information security, Google Apps news, industry trends and more. Check out this month’s wrap up of expert insights and links to the articles in which they appeared below.

SecurityWeekStrategic Thinking: IT Planning and Risk in 2014

by Gil Zimmermann – December 24, 2013

In 2014, Will Your Security Team be Driving New Value, or Responding to Yesterday’s Threats? As 2013 wanes, it makes sense take a few steps back and look at the state of the cloud and how it fits into the plans our customers and friends have been sharing with us. End of year retrospectives are fairly typical — my company posted one as part of our newsletter to our customers, and I seem to receive a new one in my inbox daily — but of the ones that discuss cloud strategy, most seem to be saying the same things: the cloud is finally taking off, companies are moving their data into a hybridization of cloud platforms (such as the adoption of both Salesforce and Google Apps), and accelerated growth is to be expected.


In the 1940s, Peter Drucker wrote that one of the keys to organizational success is to publicly commit to specific, measurable goals. It is as relevant for a high-tech software company today as it was at General Motors in the years following the end of World War II, and I challenge my staff to do so every year as we enter into our annual planning process.

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Hackers Just Made Off with Two Million Passwords, Now What?
By Gil Zimmermann – December 10, 2013

CloudLock Labs Introduces GeoFence For Google Apps
By Chris Talbot – December 11, 2013 

CloudLock Labs Launches with First Google Apps Product
By Chris Talbot – December 12, 2013 

CloudLock Tracks Google Apps Cloud Misuse
By Sean Michael Kerner – December 16, 2013 

40 Million Target Customers Fall Prey to Hackers
By Erika Morphy – December 19, 2013 

What will a thief do with my credit card number?
By Sabri Ben-Achour – December 19, 2013 

What Can IT Learn from the Target Breach?
By Jennifer LeClaire – December 26, 2013 


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