Shaping the Way Users Experience Cybersecurity: UX at CloudLock In today’s world of short attention spans and limitless provider options, UX, or user experience, can make or break people’s love for…

Shaping the Way Users Experience Cybersecurity: UX at CloudLock

Zack Gross

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In today’s world of short attention spans and limitless provider options, UX, or user experience, can make or break people’s love for a solution. So it only makes sense that with a user-centric philosophy, UX design is of utmost importance to us.

I sat with Anne Hjortshoj, CloudLock’s Director of User Experience, and Consuelo Valdes, one of our absolute rockstar UX designers, to talk all about the science and magic behind their jobs.

Anne Hjortshoj | Director of User Experience

What Does Your Day-to-Day Look Like?

My job is a combination of design and analysis. I focus on understanding requirements, workflow, and the capabilities of the technology that we use to create the interface. Then I use those findings to design not just the look and feel of our CASB cybersecurity fabric, but more importantly, its functionality.

It’s all about creating intuitive workflow patterns that users can easily identify and understand. We always want to make sure that if a customer knows how to use one part of our product, they can intuitively apply that knowledge in a seamless way elsewhere in The Fabric.

So, It’s Not Just About Making it Look Pretty?

That may be the biggest misconception about UX. There’s actually a lot more to it! To be honest, my rule of thumb with UX is if you’re noticing it, it’s probably bad. Great design is not noticeable. It’s all about how your product makes people feel when they use it. Are they satisfied or frustrated? Can they easily achieve what they set out to do? There’s also a recent focus on applying UX to data visualization, where the goal is to make data clear, meaningful, and usable. Graphs shouldn’t just be display items; they should express actionable information in communicative, effective, user-friendly ways.

What Led You to a Career in User Experience?

I’ve always been energized by the intersection of creativity and technology, and UX combines those passions. What makes my job so exciting is that I get to be creative, but it’s within a very technical space. I also enjoy the challenge of synthesizing stakeholders’ differing opinions and priorities in order to create the best end product for our customers. Plus, in the tech field, there’s the added excitement of operating at an incredibly fast pace to ensure the interface doesn’t fall behind the capabilities of the evolving technical landscape. Never a dull moment here!

Consuelo Valdes | User Experience Designer

UX Employee Spotlight: Consuelo Valdes

At a crossroads in her career, Consuelo enrolled in a UX design course through Springboard, a company that aims to make unique online learning experiences available to everyone in the world. They paired her up with a mentor, helped her figure out the next steps in her career path, and exposed her to new elements of user experience that reinvigorated her passion for design. Here’s what she had to say:

“The course was fun. It allowed me to sink my teeth into things I’d never done before professionally. It was really nice to see what else there was in the design field. I had the opportunity to work on an assortment of interesting projects which all prepared me so well for my new role at CloudLock. Now my job is to make sure that our product is usable, accomplishes what our customers need it to, and reduces mental workload for users as much as possible.

I’m very focused on persona development, workflow analysis, identifying patterns that users can familiarize themselves with, and then the overall design. I’m quickly learning that enterprise software is the place to be and I love the cutting edge nature of it all. UX  design is really rewarding for me because I feel like I’m making our users’ lives easier. And CloudLock is the perfect place for me to do it, because we’re completely changing the face of security.”

Consuelo also got featured on Springboard! Check out the interview here.

Looking For a Rewarding Career in the Tech World?

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