Configuration Security for Your AWS Console Your AWS admins sit in front of their consoles, staring at what may as well be a 787 Dreamliner cockpit. With just…

Configuration Security for Your AWS Console

Michal Ferguson

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Your AWS admins sit in front of their consoles, staring at what may as well be a 787 Dreamliner cockpit. With just a few clicks, they can spin up EC2 instances, access S3 buckets, create and modify access points, and configure infrastructure functionality. The power AWS provides at the touch of a button is astounding, but given this power, security for the AWS console is paramount.

Whether you are that AWS admin, or part of the security IT group, are you confident that the sensitive data within your AWS environment is secure? What if out of those thousands of controls, one switch is flipped the wrong way? How would you find it? How would you know if it had any real security implications to the environment? What about the damage an attacker could do with a compromised account?

Where to Begin: Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector scans apps deployed on AWS to surface potential security and compliance vulnerabilities. By compiling the findings and displaying them according to level of severity, inspector gives security teams a dashboard of findings to sift through and investigate in order to identify potential security issues.

What’s Next: CloudLock for AWS

So you’ve got a ton of findings to sort through in your Amazon Inspector dashboard. But how can security admins efficiently act on the ones that truly matter? To automate this process, CloudLock for AWS pulls in the findings from Inspector and alerts you to important configuration changes.

While Inspector raises a lot of potentially vulnerable issues of varying severity, CloudLock for AWS allows you to build policies and responses around the Inspector findings that matter most. It also allows you to set up alerts based on the level of severity of Inspector’s findings. This eliminates the need to sift through them all to identify the ones you need to act on quickly.

CloudLock Protects AWS with Configuration Security

CloudLock protects the AWS console with user and entity behavior analytics, configuration security, activity logging, API call monitoring, incident and policy management, and content classification. Contact us at to discuss your AWS needs.


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