Top 3 Takeaways From Our Legendary CloudLock User Group We just concluded our annual CloudLock User Group, and it was a huge success! With 80% new attendees this year, we welcomed customers…

Top 3 Takeaways From Our Legendary CloudLock User Group

Zack Gross

With a passion for all things tech and creative, I spend my time helping people discover how cloud cybersecurity protects and enables businesses all at once.


We just concluded our annual CloudLock User Group, and it was a huge success! With 80% new attendees this year, we welcomed customers across the widest range of industries we’ve seen to date. After three days of keynote speeches, informational sessions, and collaborative breakout groups, here are our biggest take-aways from the event:

1. When it Comes to Cybersecurity, It’s All About Finding the Spies

We were honored to host Eric O’Neill as a guest keynote speaker this year. A former FBI agent, O’Neill became the subject of the 2007 thriller, Breach, based on the story of his very real takedown of Russian spy Robert Hanssen. Now, we may not all be former FBI agents, that’s for sure. But as O’Neill sees it, in today’s cybersecurity landscape, hackers are effectively spies with specific technical abilities.

Effective cloud cybersecurity then is all about finding those spies and taking them down. It’s important to identify the 1% of users inside your organization who expose your company to 75% of cybersecurity risk, educate them, and ensure no security threats arise.

2. Cybersecurity Challenges and Priorities are Shared Across Industries

The diverse array of businesses– with representation from tech, financial services, education, media, government, and nonprofit– allowed us to get a bird’s-eye view of the cybersecurity playing field. No matter their respective industry, our customers share the same fundamental challenge: securing their cloud environments while promoting a positive user experience.

We found five cloud cybersecurity challenges common to nearly everyone:

  • Compromised Accounts: Users nowadays hold the keys to the kingdom. Making sure their accounts are not compromised is vital to keeping every organization secure.
  • Cloud Malware: Understanding what third-party apps are connected to cloud environments, and more importantly identifying those that are malicious or request excessive permissions, is difficult.
  • Data Breaches: Illustrated by the crazy amount of embarrassing incidents out there, keeping sensitive data safe across all platforms and apps is a worry.
  • Compliance: Any organization adhering to mandated policies or regulations must ensure compliance is accomplished without impacting business operations.
  • Security Ops and Forensics: The big picture is nice to see, but sometimes you just need to do some down and dirty investigation. Tracking who did what, when and where is important.

3. Organizations Are Seeking Cybersecurity For The Applications They Buy, Build, and Sell

2015 CloudLock User Group, BostonIn addition to subscribing to off-the-shelf SaaS apps, more and more businesses are developing their own homegrown apps. Many users in attendance indicated their company is using IaaS solutions, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Some even shared they were using multiple IaaS and PaaS providers. This means cybersecurity must be thought about proactively in the app development stage.

This year’s User Group was yet another eventful and memorable one. We all learned a lot and look forward to 2016’s conference and the new developments it’s sure to bring.

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