CloudLock Unveils the Cloud Security Fabric Since founding CloudLock in early 2011, our mission has been to transform cloud security into a business enabler. Today – three years…

CloudLock Unveils the Cloud Security Fabric

Gil Zimmermann

Under Gil’s leadership as CEO and co-founder, CloudLock has grown into the market leader for cloud cybersecurity with tens of millions of enterprise users secured by CloudLock’s products.


Since founding CloudLock in early 2011, our mission has been to transform cloud security into a business enabler. Today – three years later – with more than five million enterprise users, we celebrate a major milestone: the launch of the CloudLock Security Fabric.

Introducing The CloudLock Security Fabric

The CloudLock Security Fabric is a key stepping stone in fulfilling our vision to be the cloud security backbone for the enterprise. We are extending the cloud security capabilities that we’ve offered for Google Apps and Salesforce to Dropbox, Box, ServiceNow and other cloud apps.

CloudLock-Security-Fabric-CroppedWrapping a number of core cloud security services into a unified solution, organizations now have unprecedented visibility and control into the security of their public cloud apps. The Fabric includes a set of APIs, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate their public cloud apps to CloudLock as well as leverage our real-time security intelligence in their mission-critical systems.

From the day we founded CloudLock, we have had a number of strong convictions that have driven the development of the Cloud Security Fabric:

Legacy On-Premises Security Tools Don’t Fly in the Cloud

On-premises security tools are not capable of protecting data in the cloud. Traditional approaches, such as all-or-nothing blocking or endpoint encryption, are not compatible with a world where users are empowered to self-select apps they deem most productive directly in the cloud.

The Cloud is Not the Enemy

The cloud is not a problem; it is a business opportunity with the potential to massively accelerate the capabilities of the modern enterprise. Users of cloud applications are not the problem, but rather the most critical asset in a business at large. For a security solution to be effective and enhance – rather than negate – the benefits of the cloud, it needs to be people-centric, providing incremental value to IT, Security, and the users simultaneously.

Rather than treating users as adversaries, we have always recognized the capacity of users to be security advocates – if trusted, equipped, and enabled. This involves applying risk-appropriate controls and response actions to incidents, ranging from end-user notifications to selective encryption for the most sensitive corporate assets.

In the Cloud, For the Cloud

We believe the strongest and most comprehensive way to build a security solution for the cloud is to build it in the cloud. The advantages of a cloud-native API-based solution are substantial: deployment in minutes without any impact on the end-user experience or the need to install gateways, agents or reconfigure access through proxies.

As an industry, our goal is to protect data in the cloud, not from it. A cloud-native solution sees all relevant data sources, i.e. actions by users, apps and machines. This becomes increasingly important with the proliferation of the cloud, as more and more communication occurs cloud-to-cloud, without any interactions through corporate networks.

Centralization and Unification Are Key

Finally, we believe a true cloud security solution needs to serve as the centralized risk intelligence nervous system – for any public cloud app. Learning and managing dozens of different security dashboards when assessing cloud application risk isn’t efficient for today’s organizations.

Since day one, we’ve helped cloud innovators succeed by providing them with the deep security intelligence and solutions they need to accelerate their growth. Thank you to the more than five million enterprise users who we have been incredibly fortunate to partner with. We look forward to continuing this transformative journey together.

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Gil Zimmermann

CEO and Co-founder, CloudLock


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