CloudLock Splunk App Now Available in Splunkbase With over 10,000 customers across the globe, Splunk has a mature add-on ecosystem, boasting over 700 community-developed apps available in their marketplace…

CloudLock Splunk App Now Available in Splunkbase

Zack Gross

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splunk-logo-300x100With over 10,000 customers across the globe, Splunk has a mature add-on ecosystem, boasting over 700 community-developed apps available in their marketplace (dubbed Splunkbase). We could not be more excited to announce that now, our CloudLock Splunk app is also available in the Splunkbase.

Now Available: CloudLock’s App for Splunk Users

CloudLock has a new and exciting CIM-compliant app that allows security professionals to manage the cloud security incident lifecycle within Splunk as well as leverage Splunk’s tremendous data visualization and reporting functionalities. Benefits include:

Superior reporting and data visualization
By leveraging the information other apps in the Splunk ecosystem provide and correlating formerly siloed information sets, you can leverage comprehensive insights and compliment one app’s weaknesses with another’s strengths. Splunk’s advanced reporting and data visualization allows you to build new customized reports, and slice and dice data any way you want.

Maximized Return on Existing Investments – Organizations allocate sizeable budgets for applications – whether we’re talking about Splunk,, Google Apps, or the many other staples of contemporary institutions. Using CloudLock’s Splunk app to integrate these apps will maximize the return on investment and build tangible value for businesses.

Increased Productivity
Rather than insisting customers modify existing workflows and processes to adapt to your product – adding yet another barrier to adoption – building extensible applications allows customers to consume products in a manner that works for them. This lowers barriers to entry, and introduces less of a learning curve for users.

Our offering allows security professionals to integrate CloudLock’s Cloud DLP, Threat Protection, App Discovery & Control, Auditing & Forensics, and Risk and Compliance Management capabilities into existing processes, orchestrate remediation actions across other platforms that integrate with Splunk, and instantly derive value.

This is a substantial advancement for our hundreds of customers already using Splunk in their environments today, and great news for any splunk users looking to add a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to their organization’s cybersecurity arsenal.

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re looking to integrate cloud security incident management and remediation into your Splunk interface, visit the splunk marketplace here.

CloudLock for Splunk


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