CloudLock enables Real-time DLP on top of Google Drive for Work A few weeks ago, Google announced ‘Drive for Work’, putting an emphasis on Google Drive at the center of Google Apps. At…

CloudLock enables Real-time DLP on top of Google Drive for Work

Tsahy Shapsa

As a co-founder and VP of Development at CloudLock, Tsahy spends his days leading the company’s corporate and business development efforts. He has been featured in major publications and online news outlets such as NetworkWorld, Talkin’ Cloud, and more.


A few weeks ago, Google announced ‘Drive for Work’, putting an emphasis on Google Drive at the center of Google Apps. At CloudLock, we believe this will translate to accelerated growth in the number of organizations migrating to Google Apps, eliminating their expensive, legacy storage file servers. As these organizations migrate their unstructured data to Google Drive and create new content in Google Drive, they’ll look for a unified cloud data loss prevention (DLP) solution, allowing them to apply their own data protection policies across all of their data stored in the cloud.

Google’s announcement also highlights new, advanced, Google Drive auditing and administrative capabilities, meeting customer’s expectations that general auditing and administrative capabilities should be delivered by the platform, allowing customers to allocate their resources at ‘high value’ security services, one of which is Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

At CloudLock, we specifically address the additional layer of security at the data and user levels. When we launched CloudLock in January 2011, our vision was to provide a cloud security solution focused on DLP for SaaS applications. The strategy we chose initially was to bet on Google Drive being adopted as a cloud file server by organizations, replacing on-premise file repositories. In the last three and half years we have acquired over 700 customers of various sizes, across all verticals and geographies with more than 5 million users under management, benefiting from Google Drive and CloudLock’s people-centric cloud security approach. What is unique to CloudLock is the fact that we offer a native cloud solution, i.e. we deliver our SaaS solution completely in the cloud without requiring any ‘‘man in the middle’ or gateway avoiding the typical shortcomings of those approaches including introducing a single point of failure and a negative impact on performance and the end-user experience. What further sets CloudLock apart is the fact that our solutions are unified across multiple platforms allowing organizations to easily define policies and manage their public cloud applications such as Google, Salesforce and Salesforce Chatter in a single solution and dashboard.


With Google Drive becoming an increasingly more critical component of Google’s Cloud strategy, CloudLock is  addressing the additional security requirements of organizations moving into the cloud. CloudLock provides a cloud security solution that allows organizations to detect, classify and encrypt sensitive data to address behavioral risk – risk created by employees, maliciously or inadvertently.

CIOs and CISOs are increasingly seeking a single, unified cloud security solution with a single dashboard and policy management platform for all their SaaS applications. This has been our vision from day one. As the Google Apps ecosystem and other public cloud platforms mature, CloudLock is shaping the future of cloud security.

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If you are looking to enable and embrace the benefits of Drive for Work, ensure you are doing so securely. Contact us for a free security assessment to find out how secure your environment really is and gain control of third-party apps in your environment. We will review and audit your organization’s Google Apps, Salesforce and other SaaS application domains, as well as of the usage and consumption of third party applications connected to them to:

  • Provide metrics, considerations, and recommendations that lead to the analysis
  • Recommend actionable next steps for instituting Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs)
  • Compare your Security Score to other customers

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