CloudLock Receives First Ever API-Based Patent in CASB Market The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issued a patent for CloudLock’s cloud-native, API-based cybersecurity platform that helps organizations understand cloud…

CloudLock Receives First Ever API-Based Patent in CASB Market

Ron Zalkind

As CTO Ron is responsible for CloudLock's overall technology and product vision and continuous innovation. In addition to speaking engagements at major conferences, he has been featured in SecurityWeek, TechCrunch, Boston Business Journal, and more.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issued a patent for CloudLock’s cloud-native, API-based cybersecurity platform that helps organizations understand cloud security risks across users, data and applications through deep, cross-platform integration.

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The Back Story

The way most people have managed IT has always been systems-centric. You had file properties, group properties, and system properties that couldn’t be easily correlated across environments. It has been difficult to understand the overall effective sharing permissions of a given object across platforms. When your goal is to protect sensitive data in the cloud, this level of visibility is not just a wish list item, it’s a necessity.

CloudLock Cybersecurity PatentImagine you have a protected set of files containing sensitive data, but someone creates a backup copy. You may have blocked people from accessing the source material, but not the backup files, for example, which contain the same sensitive data. When you drill into the overall sharing permissions of a specific data set, it’s important to be alerted to the fact that it exists in two places with two different levels of protection.

User activity and both the content and context of objects in the cloud all suffer from the same systems-oriented limitations. As clouds become more complex and integrated, it is increasingly important to effectively create a data- and entity- centric model to correlate and unify all this information across multiple cloud applications. We at CloudLock realized this years ago, when we began our mission to consolidate controls across multiple environments.

The API-Centric Entity Correlation and Relationship Modeling Patent

Sounds fancy, but it’s actually quite logical. Each system stores its own metadata about any given object– who created it, who owns it, who’s accessed it, what the sharing permissions or associated risk factors are, the list goes on.

We have developed a method that enables us to model object and entity metadata across different systems and to enable access to this model through an API. For example, if a file or object that resides in Google Drive is referenced in Salesforce, our patented technology will identify that the files in question are inherently the same and unify the metadata.  

CloudLock Cybersecurity PatentThe technology we’ve developed can get all the information from different systems, create associated metadata, or a data warehouse of attributes, and make that accessible for querying via an API. This way, you don’t have to query each system separately, you can simply query at a file or object level and see an aggregated view of the attributes. This means you can, for example, take a file and identify its sharing permissions across platforms instantly.

Now, in English– What it All Means

As businesses continue to move to the cloud, we’re seeing more and more programmatic access to files as well as information being linked to and integrated across different systems. It is becoming more important to be able to get a quick, accurate, and holistic view of file properties across multi-platform, multi-cloud environments.

We have been doing this for years, but now, with this patent, we’re gaining recognition for the foundation of what we’ve been pioneering: a scalable, data- and entity -centric, CASB solution that is, in and of itself, an API. Now, in a connected world, it’s more important than ever to have reliable information to help you understand and protect your data, no matter where it lives. And, that is the power of the API approach to CASB cybersecurity.

Data is Nice. Now Let’s Put It To Use.

Uncover cybersecurity risk across your entire cloud environment– SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and IDaaS:

  • Expose potential compromised accounts, cloud malware, or data security violations
  • Validate adherence with internal or industry-governed regulations – PCI, HIPAA, FERPA, and more
  • Receive a business analysis, mapping findings to your organizational goals



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